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  1. Multiple patterns always get me... that’s awesome.
  2. Looks like the placement of the trailer needs some work, but its looking really sweet!
  3. I mean, this might sound stupid, but in the editor, the lights need to be blue lights. I’m sure you did that but, just making sure lol.
  4. Answers my question perfectly, thank you!
  5. I am thinking about buying up EM20. I am at the very beginning stages of modding for EM4 but I just want to explore the newer EM games a bit. I no longer see "Emergency 5" on steam, but I see 2016. 2017, and 20. Which one should I get and which one has the editor I'm confused. Someone is gonna have to start development for the new games, ill get to it in about two years. To start though, I need the right game.
  6. Nice to see the 2020 FE making its way into mods! Looking good!
  7. Solved! I had to move the correct icon files, and then edit the model location for the cursor! Works great!!
  8. I want to add the precision parking script from the London mod to another mod (Not for release) how would I go about this? I added the script, icons, and gave a vehicle the command, but whenever I click the command, nothing happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Ah, so this is whats been holding me back. Okay, gonna buy up a 500,000sqft wharehouse and get to model making!
  10. I may be wrong, but the walls not showing at certain angles may be due to double-sided being off. You need to make sure your walls are doubled sided so it is shaded on both sides of the poly.
  11. Hm, ill have to do some digging, this is something I won't be experimenting with for a while but definitely something I want to do. Thank you for the help Terrow!
  12. By type you mean firefighter and police officer that stuff? I initially though of vehicle type but I am sure thats not it.
  13. Alright cool, I assume it would be just copying the same script for firefighters and editing it to fit the other protos and what not, then assigning commands to personnel and equipment to vehicles. Thinking of it, maybe something involving CS gas in demonstration scenarios. Cops could equip gas gear and use CS gas to disperse crowds.
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