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  1. Trying to map the side of a vehicle, I am trying to get perfect side photos of my model for putting on the template, such as Itchboy's photo here: I go into user mode click find in view, and am greeted with this: (Itchboy's Fusion used as example) How can I get a view that is just flat on what I need, and is the exact same between sides (left and right views are the same angles) Note: I know I can go into the left and right views for those sides, but the top, and front, I would see all the polyogns behind it too.
  2. I for some cannot click to the next page, or enter a page manually in the PM. Just recently started happening. It works fine on my mobile. Also, the notifications and messenger tabs at the top of home page only display "go to inbox" and "view all notifications" instead of actually viewing my inbox or notifications. Am I the only one experiencing this?
  3. This did it, thank you very much!
  4. I copied all the lights over from one vehicle, pasted them to the other, but they do not show. I can move the coronas, nothing, and I can change the game light setting in the editor with no effect. Randomly there is one headlight that will show, but thats it. Probably something dumb, but yeah. plz help.
  5. I am not home atm but when I get home I’ll look through and see if there is anything that are file specific.
  6. I’m not too sure, but is there a line in the Params file that designates a map name?
  7. Fellow beginner here, also around the same age. Very glad to see all of this stuff coming around! Great work. Hopefully I can can catch up to the gang and announce my plans soon.
  8. Multiple patterns always get me... that’s awesome.
  9. Looks like the placement of the trailer needs some work, but its looking really sweet!
  10. I mean, this might sound stupid, but in the editor, the lights need to be blue lights. I’m sure you did that but, just making sure lol.
  11. Answers my question perfectly, thank you!
  12. I am thinking about buying up EM20. I am at the very beginning stages of modding for EM4 but I just want to explore the newer EM games a bit. I no longer see "Emergency 5" on steam, but I see 2016. 2017, and 20. Which one should I get and which one has the editor I'm confused. Someone is gonna have to start development for the new games, ill get to it in about two years. To start though, I need the right game.
  13. Nice to see the 2020 FE making its way into mods! Looking good!
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