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  1. Roger that, I didn’t the best I could and moved on. I posted an update in Modding development and concepts
  2. Finally got it extruded and half the roof and windshield done. Will begin work on hood soon.
  3. How do I best go about smoothing out the side of my model? Do I have to pull each vert in and out until it appears smooth? Is there a shortcut/smoothing tool?
  4. I am currently learning to model. I based the model off of a 2015 Chevy Tahoe. Are there any actually body/appearance differences between the 2015-2020 Tahoe? If not could I release the vehicle under the name “Fourth Generation Chevy Tahoe” or something like “2015-2020” I have yet to notice any physical differences. Wondering if anyone knows of any.
  5. I don’t know if there is a tutorial out there for adding vehicles in EM5. But mods previous did it. Try looking at them in the editor.
  6. Thank You very much. I’ll be getting to work as soon as I possible. Yes I was wondering because I know FDNY newest engines are the KME’s so I was gonna try to model one of those one day and put it into Brooklyn.
  7. I appreciate that very much. I have big dreams for my modding career here. A few last things. The images you said they were temporary. I unfortunately won’t have time to work on the model until late Saturday because of school and work. Will they be around by then? Three unrelated questions: The Seagrave Marauder in your American fire engine cab pack. What year is it? Also, is there one around like the FDNY used? I believe that is custom but I didn’t know if there was one around. Also, are there any KME’s around? I cannot remember if they were in your pack. Thank you again for everything. You have really been a great help!
  8. Thank you so much. Apologies for my load of questions. Just really wanting to learn.
  9. Version 3. I think this is the best one yet. I played with extruding on the previous version and I think I have an basic understanding. Soon to extrude and get this into game hopefully by this weekend.
  10. Now I have a rough design of the side. How do I go about the front and rear? I read mikeypi's tutorial but I am confused. Can anyone give input?
  11. Okay, I think i've figured It out. Thanks.
  12. I got that part, but as I select verticies, (I am in vertex mode right?) and the lines appear from the vertice on the 3d view. How exactly do I move them? I am dragging to no avail? Sorry I should have specified.
  13. Damn I seem to have a lot of questions around here... Can anyone help me by explaining how to extrude areas on a model in zmod? From Itchboy's tutorial, this is the part I am on: Also, the vehicle I am modeling for reference:
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