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  1. NYS Emergency Management runs a Tahoe. idk the environment of your map, but if it has a forest or state park, NYS Park Police would be cool, They have a new Tahoe too. I’ll look for more when I get home, but you could look here. I’m sure you probably use this site but if not, it’s amazing: http://www.policecarwebsite.net/st31.html
  2. Agreed, things seems to be picking up around here!
  3. The Tahoe is gorgeous! One question abt it though. Are you releasing it as a Civ model? I know the PPV doesn’t have the roof racks, and I know the lip on the bottom of the front bumber doesn’t go down as much on the PPV. Just wondering. Really excited and can not wait!
  4. Yeah, smaller towns have more freedom in terms of flexibility to operations. My county is very, divided. Half of my county is new and developed and densely populated. The other half is very rural. As you mentioned medical calls. My stations engines don’t run on med calls, but tones go out and the fire fighters run in their POVS to med calls along with an ambo. As you said though, it is on a case by case basis.
  5. Alright, they beat me to it! Terrow has made a beautiful 4th gen Tahoe for us. I will not be continuing work on this. However, I still have other projects going on, this will not be the last you see of me for a long time. If there is one thing I have learned from this project, its you need to keep going. I have had countless times working on the model where I faced a problem, and I kind of just closed the program. Now that I am in Zmod2 and I have learned so much from this project, with it being my first 3d model, I feel I am enabled to do better work much faster. Thank you to everyone who had helped me through this! I could not have achieved this level of knowledge without everyone's assistance, and it is truly too many people to count. Happy Holidays, maybe I will announce my next plans soon!
  6. HOLY JESUS. ITS BEAUTIFUL. Finally, what we have been needing! This will be an amazing xmas present!
  7. Most departments in my county, which is mostly volunteer and just starting to convert to paid, run tools on a squad truck. The engines are dedicated more to fighting fire. Even though, rural nature, there aren’t many structure fires. The brushes, or squads, run on almost every call. They are the most used trucks. In my case specifically, a station in my area took an old Ram truck, and turned it to a brush truck with a slide out on the bed to store the new battery powered hurst tools. For my local station, they used to carry the air tanks used to refill SCBA on the squad truck. It’s just, cheaper, and more practical to concentrate your resources into a single unit in areas where they don’t have access to big city money where they can have dedicated companies for different functions. That’s why combination units, like the quint or rescue pumper, have become increasingly popular, most notably in smaller departments.
  8. I don’t know about the engine but he mentioned that the Brushes will carry extrication tools as that is their main run vehicle.
  9. Just curious, is there a way to delay the entry of off-map vehicles? For example, if you needed to call a county rescue or HAZMAT, then could you have them delay before spawning to simulate them traveling to the map, wouldn’t be long of course, maybe 30 seconds, or less. Maybe this could be done with vehicles called via a characters command menu. Thought it could be a cool idea because of the fact that the area is rural.
  10. Yes these are really cool. Being an NYC native I mess around with Brooklyn a lot and have added a few vehicles, I plan on adding way more than necessary just for the hell of it. Besides that, these could be used in fictional mods too. As you mentioned, NYPD Traffic also runs a 2018 Camry!
  11. Anytime, mod is looking good!
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