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  1. Can you display pictures of the model you want lighted? Along with a video or fully detailed information of what you want it to look like finished.
  2. Hey guys, I noticed quite a few topics about member having questions about PCs. To save on creating topics, anyone can feel free to post their questions about PC rigs below. I talked with a person from a nearby computer store personally. They are recommended this computer for what I was looking for. Im looking to play the newest EM4 mods, simulators, and even GTA 5 with decent settings. Im not looking for over the top. Just something better than 10-15 FPS. Im aware for the price Im not looking at having the best of the best. But I want other opinions on this rig. Should I purchase it for the gaming Im looking for? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4GH2420664
  3. Sometimes people may be stuck under moveable rocks. Firemen can move the rocks. Call the search and rescue unit and release the dog, they will find more hidden survivors. Suicide jumpers can be saved by putting a jump pad under their window. You will have to adjust your camera to see which window they are coming out of. You do have limited time to place the pad before they jump. If you cannot find the area of the call for whatever reason, press TAB and click on the incident. It will bring you to the incident area.
  4. Looking great! I'm in love with the HD effect. I know I'm a bit late to the party but I saw your post about keep MP or not. If having MP would be ideal with where you are at now. Save what you have at this point in time. By vote members said they weren't worried about MP and wanted more single player options. Just an idea, maybe down the road when everything is set and done. You may find yourself wanting something more. And then, you may wish to add the MP as a separate mod for players who wish to play together. I'm sure you guys have plenty of backups, so why not keep one to the side just in case. Just an idea for thinking down the road. You guys are doing amazing work!
  5. This is a standalone mod. When you go to download it, you will be simply placing the main files in your mods files. Some sound files will also need to be placed in the data folder. Everything will be linked accordingly. All you'll have to do is a simple copy and paste.
  6. The mod is still in development. Work and life are always put first and highest priority. I haven't been able to work on the mod for some time due to both. No matter what, this mod will end up being released. Whether it is released as an alpha, which means it wont be finished but it is still playable. Or it is released fully. The only issue that is completely holding me back is the bunker gear scripts. Because the fire station is supposed to be an 'open house' the FFs are initially spawned with their station/work clothes. The next option is to have them put on bunker gear. But that is where it ends. They do not have the ability to have SCBA which absolutely kills the realism effect. Everything is fully playable with only a few known bugs(which are being eliminated). Here's how I set everything up. Keep in mind this was done a long time ago before I knew and had the knowledge I do now. The model and skins are replaced. This is how I did it: Station clothes > Bunker gear Bunker gear > SCBA It was simply replacing the skin and model files. Which is easily able to be re-set. This way the FFs could gear up into the bunker gear. I still have to tweak sound files to get everything aligned. But that is the only thing keeping this mod from being able to be released finished. Everything else is simply side work I would personally like to finish. I'm still looking at converting the models from the ones I cant use, to ones I can. This way I have full control on when the release is. I have been offered much help with the mod, but unfortunately no one can help me. Converting the models requires new lighting and skinning, which I am extremely picky at. The Charlestown submod is halted. By the looks of it, it wont be released at all. It will remain private and just for show. The limited water supply was added and works. But with the way the logic works, I now cannot get the vehicles to return to the station. If any of this is scrambled or dont make sense, I'm sorry. I'm in some what of a hurry.
  7. Just adding my two cents.. For my fire department. We are a very small little department that covers a decent area. We have three bays which house a mini pumper(which carries our extrication tools and ems bag-this rig is the most used and first out on any call except fire), an engine, and a tanker. We use the cities squad(aka ambulance). Financially its cheaper to 'rent' the cities squad than to have the department have their own. We do have a few EMT trained people on the department, but they come and arrive with the others on one of our rigs. We are not allowed to respond direct unless the chief advises us to. Or if your the person who called it in. There are always varying circumstances. Since this mods main fire station role is volunteer, housing their own ems personal with an ambulance would be costly to the city/town. That department would have to be atleast staffed 24/7 with trained ems personal to run the squad. Realistically those people would have a full volunteer job. So no pay at all, but its still your (mostly second) full time job. Although some volunteer departments do actually do this and have people staffed with an ambulance, most dont for this reason. Let alone if the department is in a small rural area with bigger cities surrounding it, it would be extremely cheaper to just 'rent' the next cities squad than purchasing their own. On top of all that, not all departments help the volunteers pay for the schooling to put people though to become an EMT. This is from my knowledge within Ohio and the volunteer department I work on. Different states and departments vary. Either way in the end, its the mod creators decision. They mostly base it on what will be the best for the player within the game play boundaries.
  8. What is the trucks vehicle traits? GTF, TLF, etc. What was changed prior to this happening? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  9. I can do the lighting. Shoot me a PM when your ready. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  10. There's not much to say about the Ravenna mod at the moment. Besides all of the volunteer vehicles within the Ravenna submod will be removed. The info you saw was about the Charlestown submod. Info on that: The Charlestown submod is more than halfway completed. I may be adding only a few more volunteer units, and the rest will be mutual aid units. My personal vehicle was created in EM4 and is now in the Charlestown submod! The '91 Jeep Cherokee! I even added my lights to the vehicle as best as I could. Although I could not add all of them. The tanker in the submod (the truck between 1314 and 2313) will be replaced with an actual tanker model. The limited water supply is currently being added as best as I can. I'm running into a few barriers that are holding me back. If I cannot add this logic into the submod, the submod will remain private and not released.
  11. Theres nothing wrong with rotators. They look amazing when lighted well too! In my preference, better than some led lightbars.. As stated, your doing amazing work over here!
  12. singalong? Not quite sure what your asking there.. I dont have the scripting skills to make that possible. I looked into it for the Charlestown mod and wasn't able to figure it out. When looking on the forums, everything is scattered out to make it compatible for freeplay. To attempt to add it to this mod would be beyond my knowledge.
  13. Thanks guys! Fred is right. Ravenna does not have tankers. Most of the surrounding departments do have them though. So when they are needed, they can be called in. My department, the town next to Ravenna has one. Ravenna has plenty of hydrants around to avoid the use of needing the city to own a tanker. Thank you for pointing that out though! If it was possible to add the limited water supply logic to this mod, then I would add a tanker.
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