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  1. Hello. Is there a way to upgrade the 1990s mod to LA Mod 2.1 or is there a current download for LA Mod 2.0?

  2. New police car Renault Laguna 2012 Happy new year! SLUM Modding
  3. Thanks, Freelancer! I really respect that you like my work If I can, in any way, make something better, just write here, and i will do as best as i can. So, for now I can say, that In next version I'm planning a new freeplay map, because that one, i have made for now, isn't so good, and, of course, I can say that I will try to remake as much cars as I can, and in plans I have new VW Thiguan and Renault Laguna police cars, for firefighters first that I want to do is to remake GAZ 52 fire engine. These are the first thinks of next version, but if you have some problems with current one, feel free and write all in here I will appreciate that.
  4. Latvia Mod v1.3 Features: -More than 60 playable units from Latvia -New Sirens -New Scripts -English translation -New Freeplay Map -Compotiable with Em4 Deluxe -And more Can download on here!
  5. Manchester Police Subaru Impreza 06' All by Rihis
  6. I liked themes, it was more interesting than free skining, but thats only my opinion.
  7. Yes, border guard van is fixed. Country police Peugeot Boxer Model - Silverhawk Texture - VPI Skin - Rihis Childs - Rihis By Rihis © SLUM
  8. Time for updates: Rescue helicopter Bell412 VUGD Ford Transit Regional Municipal police VW Transporter VUGD Renault Kerax © SLUM
  9. So, I needed to do this Plymouth Fury NYPD By Rihis PS. Download link: http://lvmod.ucoz.lv/load/plymouth_fury/3-1-0-13
  10. Oki, doki, I will try I like this car too
  11. Ok, I will look. If I will find problem, I will make patch. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Year have come with presents! Thats why we are presenting something fresh. Its Ford Mondeo 94' It will replace Mondeos in game Ford Transit have got fresh look And All police forces now are on where good quality Have a whery happy this, last 2012, and be ready for more news! by Rihis © SLUM
  12. No, please no I sayed "normal car".... Huh. One moment i got a bit scared, but ....
  13. Aaaand we got winner! aitor, you where right! Its from "Police academy"! So, as a prize, I can try to make one model of normal car, that you like, and publish it
  14. How do you think from which movie is this car? OK, you got Its Police Academy Its remaked Chevy Caprice
  15. rihis

    Italian mod [Merged]

    Why are you asking so dumb questions! It isnt dead. It will be ready when will be! Please dont ask those questions!
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