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  1. Pretty silly question, anyone who doesn't want to play with those models, should probably just stop following the topic now.
  2. Between you two and Itchboy, the updates and modifications to Hoppah's original base game are just amazing. The level of detail that you guys put into your projects is just unreal. It keeps an older game current and fun to play.
  3. Still here, just watching you guys works. I still have probably almost every pack you've released in the last while, tweaked a few myself to different things or created all new units. Testament to your work, that the older stuff is still standing the test of time.
  4. Looking good guys. What about modelling a new brush truck based off the new Brush 84 or Fast Response 1/201 (seems to be labelled differently in a couple images), using the dodge Ram chasis?
  5. Hey Guys, been gone from the forum for awhile. Come back and see this! Awesome work as always, looks really good and looking forward to it. Thanks for continuing to create new models for people to play with.
  6. If you moved the lights up to either side of the writing at the top, you could raise the doors to just below that, and then they'd be in line with how most trucks of that nature are built. You could then have that white stripe run across the top of doors, below the lip.
  7. BeastyBill 88 for me it's fn and the insert (pause) key, for free camera in editor. Hope that helps
  8. Back to the original topic. New updates look good Itchboy, effort is showing through as always. Keep it up. Whether or not you change your mind is irrelevant, your hard work is still nice to look at.
  9. Hey Itchboy, good to see you're still working on your models. Stuff as always looks amazing, your hard work is really showing and paying off with your finished products. Thanks for the work you do
  10. If timeline is your choice, than Kevin C. Kane is the preference, however personally I prefer the look of bravest
  11. That Boston EMS truck shown in the video with your new Tomar lightbar, was that in the original release, or is that coming in this update?
  12. Very nice indeed guys, looks amazing. And Corsair, what mod is that from?
  13. Hey Itchboy, I think I missed a post somewhere, what's the white van with the Red Lightbar on the roof?
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