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  1. ATF trucks look awesome CFD, especially love the second one with the four lights across the top of the pushbar
  2. Love the hood lights, that's one of those little details that makes this mod so unique.
  3. I should have picked up on that, the 2016+ models weren't included in the original set of vehicles you were creating for the RCMP mod
  4. I'm glad you guys are thinking of people who might have less capable computers and might not be able to run the game with such high poly models. I'm glad you've managed to get the detail in, while lowering the sizes. Thanks for the work. Nice tease showing us the old RCMP units as a demo.
  5. Love the variety of colours and models you guys are bringing to the table. If every unmarked was white, or black, it would get boring. The new options look great.
  6. That's very kind of you guys. Not only are you going out of your way to make us new units to play with, but you're also providing people with additional options, that they can use, as well as all the amazing stuff you guys are making.
  7. I like the look of the new Chev version, it's a nice change as you updated things. As well, if someone really wants the full size truck, they can always re-purpose the full size swat truck into a bomb squad unit.
  8. Hey Goog, stuff is looking really good. Just a comment about your LAFD Ambulance, the rear bar looks kinda flat, it doesn't really stand out from the model. Other than that, everything looks amazing, keep up the good work
  9. Love the look of the new units, the dodge chief looks pretty bang on to the images I've seen of them out there. Looking forward to the new fast response unit. Can't wait till this comes out.
  10. Pretty silly question, anyone who doesn't want to play with those models, should probably just stop following the topic now.
  11. Between you two and Itchboy, the updates and modifications to Hoppah's original base game are just amazing. The level of detail that you guys put into your projects is just unreal. It keeps an older game current and fun to play.
  12. Still here, just watching you guys works. I still have probably almost every pack you've released in the last while, tweaked a few myself to different things or created all new units. Testament to your work, that the older stuff is still standing the test of time.
  13. Looking good guys. What about modelling a new brush truck based off the new Brush 84 or Fast Response 1/201 (seems to be labelled differently in a couple images), using the dodge Ram chasis?
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