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  1. Carlsbad Modification

    Thank you.
  2. Mission Chief

    Hello I am interested.
  3. Carlsbad Modification

    Lightbar, done by itchboy, is now on the model. The model will soon be put into EM4.
  4. Carlsbad Modification

    Thank you so much. I definitely will. I update the tumblr page at the top of this topic a lot more so check that out if you want.
  5. Carlsbad Modification

    Engine 101 is almost done, a few more fixes on the textures, and then the light bar, and then time to throw it into EM4. Everything in the image above is my own creation, the textures, models, and images.
  6. Carlsbad Modification

    Awesome, it's CA-OES 6848C. It also says "CARLSBAD FD" under where it says "MUTUAL AID PROVIDED BY". Here are some pictures of it.
  7. Carlsbad Modification

    Yes, please! Could you send the .psd file if you have one so I can edit the unit number easily?
  8. Carlsbad Modification

    Here are some pictures of Carlsbad Fire Department apparatus (which this mod will replicate):
  9. Carlsbad Modification

    Thanks man, a lot more coming soon. Stay tuned :0
  10. Carlsbad Modification

    Thank you.
  11. Carlsbad Modification

    IN DEPTH & FREQUENT UPDATE PAGE: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/frollpong This is the start of the Carlsbad Modification. Carlsbad is a city with a population of around 115,000 in northern San Diego County. So far, this mod is small and undeveloped, but obviously modding takes time, so if you give us time, we really believe this modification can be great. Here's a little information about Carlsbad Fire Department. There are 6 fire stations in Carlsbad, actively staffing 3 rescue ambulances, 5 fire engines, 1 tiller ladder truck, 1 battalion chief vehicle, 1 urban search and rescue rig, 2 brush trucks, 1 state provided OES engine, and a trench rescue vehicle, and multiple fire marshals & investigators. This isn't mentioning the numerous reserve engines and ambulances. All firefighters in Carlsbad are paramedics as well (with the exception of one veteran :P). A fire engine carries 3 FFs, an ambulance carries 2, and the ladder truck carries 2 as well. Carlsbad gives and receives mutual aid from Oceanside, Vista, Encinitas, and San Marcos. Carlsbad also has its own airport, staffed with an airport fire department. Carlsbad Police Department has a heavy presence throughout the city and the modification will reflect that, but has unfortunately phased out the CVPIs completely, (though we may leave them in the modification) and instead use only Chevy Caprices, Ford Explorers, and Chevy Tahoes as patrol vehicles. That's enough history for now. Also note that everything here is subject to change... These models are from years ago and the unit numbers on everything is different now and a lot of the vehicles have been phased out or changed so expect a lot of changes to be coming soon, but I think this mod has a lot of potential. But for what you all really came for... but first understand this is all just the conceptual design to show what this mod is capable of. A lot will be modeled from scratch, have their lightbars redone things like that so if you're criticism is that it's just a reskin, then it is valid right now, but we understand that and are making progress ... now for the screenshots: Modification by Tyler Krichbaum, TheFury, and itchboy.