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  1. this is on point love the curves and edges of the trucks of the usfs and the swat trucks love em
  2. Right now I believe there main goal is to replace all the cars and sirens and then they will do all that stuff later that what I believe but only time will tell.
  3. Do you both have discord if so want to msg me your discord and we can be like in a group chat and talk about stuff. Also I am fine being alone I really am okay Airforce you have priority you have asked first and brought it up so its you first that gets the help I am fine but I am willing to create a tiny dev team to help each other out.
  4. I don't know anyone here because I just started to create stuff so I am alone I have itchboy teaching me things I did not know and so really I just know itchboy and you and no one else. Itchboy told me that when you do a mod you're doing it on your own because others are busy and have their mods to do that's what he told me so my Idea kinda is when I finish my mod I am glad to partner up with you to create more mods if your down but as of now its just a one-man band on creating mods for me and you. Now you can try to search for people willing to help you out I am sure there might be people out there but I don't know of anyone.
  5. I would but I cant because I started to work and create my own city mod its called Long Beach but I am willing to help you out with any problems or questions you have.
  6. So if you download a 3d model form this site some will come with the prototype and most of all of them should come with the texture for the model if it came with the 3 things then your set now some might not have a prototype then you have to search for the files In the em4 editor and create the prototype now for the texture if you download 3d models for itchboys or yankee43 they are all set and ready to use all you got to do it add lighting and edit the texture to what you want in itchboys models it comes with the texture that's a png so you can open it and click it. it also comes with a pnd or pdn which I believe you can open on paint.net or gimph one of them and you can see the overlays and edit it.
  7. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_06/1115759437_ZModelerver2.2.4(Build981)6_6_20206_21_41PM.thumb.png.94502b82e67ea34fba4f946f512039f9.png The skin is not done but does not look bad
  8. yes if it comes with it
  9. So there are YouTube vids that show how and what but I will explain so a model is the 3d model of the model so like you said on the website there are 3d models that's what go's in the models folder now prototypes don't touch that in the folder what you do is you go in the Em4 editor and load up the mod folder you are editing or creating and then your scene will pop up and you will have to create the prototype in there. I know what I said is confusing but the YouTube videos show it the best I might make one tonight or tomorrow if I get to it to help you. Also this site has some tutorials on how to do stuff so you may want to check it out.
  10. As you can see what I highlighted in blue is what you need to look for when in notepad for the v3o files and all that highlighted stuff should have a .png or .dds or something els at the end change it to .png because it is the most common on photo editing and most used then convert the .dds photo to png
  11. it open's with code in notepad which is fine you just have to find were it has .dds at the end and it will always be at to top let me see if I can get a picture for you. Also no need to be sorry. Let me try to upload a picture for you. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_06/804381878_econoline_body-withalldoorsand-Notepad6_6_202011_05_30AM.thumb.png.4f17737d160513ffaead56d8e2df5924.png
  12. I had the same problem the way to fix it is go to the v3o file and open it with notepad and in there should be a line that says the name of the image and at the end says .dds change the .dds to .png and for the image go online and type in convert dds to png and input the image and convert it and you would get png then you can put it in one of the software's you downloaded and can edit it and use it with out changing it constantly like I did and when itchyboy found out he said it was caveman status that I was doing hahaha Lol XD.
  13. You will want to use paint.net or gimph or photoshop really anything that lets you edit and create textures. Also I am learning to create models and textures its hard but the best advice to modding is to stick to it and not divert from it like I did and then come back a month later to try again.
  14. Thanks to itchboy I learned how to uvmap and create the antennas and so here are some took me quite a bit but I got it. WIll be adding more to other units and will make different kinds I do have a ambo I am working on its R1-LBFD the skin for it is done just need to resize the rear car of the ambo and uvmap 2 lights on the back and after that I would need to add/finish lighting on it I do plan to do a 2014 BMW pd Bike as well model is by itchyboy for the bike and the explorer and the ambos the skins are by me and the lighting is by me and itchyboy for the explorers and ambo.
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