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  1. Thanks to itchboy I learned how to uvmap and create the antennas and so here are some took me quite a bit but I got it. WIll be adding more to other units and will make different kinds I do have a ambo I am working on its R1-LBFD the skin for it is done just need to resize the rear car of the ambo and uvmap 2 lights on the back and after that I would need to add/finish lighting on it I do plan to do a 2014 BMW pd Bike as well model is by itchyboy for the bike and the explorer and the ambos the skins are by me and the lighting is by me and itchyboy for the explorers and ambo.
  2. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_06/1512351350_ZModelerver2.2.4(Build981)6_3_20204_59_52PM.thumb.png.c2c07d9ca9c5eeba18d6624321c7665f.png
  3. I did do a slicktop cvpi but it was the more updated one with lights. It was a cvpi that the Directed Enforcement use with 3 lights on the front and 2 in the rear I believe. Also when all the LBPD cars and LBFD things are done I plan to add Signal Hill Police and I might add LASD
  4. I see them around a lot the only problem out of all the times I see them I never see them with there lights on so its hard for me to know what pattern is on the car but I have been lucky to have the unmarked cars in-front of me with there lights on for 1 time so yeah Also the unmarked explorer is nowhere to be found with its lights on. I check so many YouTube vids not a sing one shows it with its lights on but I found one on instagram so I am lucky.
  5. I use adobe photoshop but I do understand if that's not something people are wanting to spend money on. What is your police department you are trying to do because I can find a video of a person making police skins on paint.net if you have that. It is hard to texture at first but what you need to do is google for help if you don't know what some tools do and sometimes you just got to mess around with the tool in the photo editor that's how I did it and I am so much better now but I am still not perfect. The best I can say is to stick with it.
  6. okay I will try that out
  7. I am working on 3 units and constantly working on the paint jobs trying to make them look better and also working on a antenna soon. 2 cars will be Directed Enforcement and one unmarked. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1593725027_911_FirstResponders4_26_20206_20_41PM.thumb.png.6afe0a148e3a00e13ff5f9bab9e6f955.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/381959823_911_FirstResponders4_26_20206_20_58PM.thumb.png.73fee154c73790c5c9f721688551c12b.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1926908632_911_FirstResponders4_26_20206_20_07PM.thumb.png.58ab204dca3c71df400a1f4ec4240dac.png
  8. I downloaded the parking mod from the em4 German website but I don't really know how to install it because I put the script in the script command folder and it comes with icons and I put the icons in the correct place and it comes with a folder called Hilfsobjekt and in it is some DDS file and a script but I don't know were to put it and the German em4 I did read the stuff it said but it did not come with a read me file and it did not say were to put it.
  9. Working on the LB Mod

  10. BEFOREhttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/2044463047_911_FirstResponders4_23_20205_07_52PM.thumb.png.8c63acba754940e2e759b3c5ed260de6.png and this is AFTER fixed ugly line's going across http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/879761693_911_FirstResponders4_23_20205_08_04PM.thumb.png.e9bb80880c78dded56896fcd04bf9ece.png
  11. I do plan on adding a parking script for the mod and I will be fixing the CVPI skin it has to many black/sliver lines by the doors and rear trunk I wont remove the lines I will make it look cleaner. I will also try to make a sharkfin antenna in zmod2 for the units. I do plan on doing a bmw bike as well.
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