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  1. This is a private submod, which means it most likely wont be released. Also please do not bump old topics. This is from 5 years ago.
  2. Whatever content has been showcased so far, is what will get released. *Subject to final changes by Author. LAX Engine 51 is just another LAFD Engine, just based out of LAX and with the different color scheme, for safety purposes, should they ever get on the runway, etc. the Rehab/Air Tender holds extra equipment needed for firefighters, when supplied run out. I know you want this and that, but some units are obsolete on EM4. The older mature, crowd on here knows.
  3. This "Modification" will be replacing vehicles at the moment. Please review previous post from original authors for more information. NO, I am not a member of this Mod Team. Just a long time EM4 person.
  4. Does anyone on this forum by any chance have the original jpeg files that Hoppah uploaded on the forum of the textures for LA Mod ? I remember finding them long time ago but have not had luck in finding them again.
  5. Dominic Next time please do not bump old/inactive topics, that is something not preferred in the Forums. That is something that might be in violation of ToS.
  6. Can you please be more descriptive. Also did you install the mod correctly ?
  7. sls_16


    Your answer is NO. There is a possibility to that but it is to complex.
  8. Corsair, That is something Itchboy has considered to fix also since, people have complained about the Rotators causing lag. There will be fixes made for the Enhancement of the mod i said in my previous post on here.
  9. The following is going to be done for MontanaA. New Units (New Models with New Skins) B. Performance Maintenance, to enhance the gameplay of the Mod, so there is less lag.
  10. There is NO download link, because this mod is getting some big improvements so the meanwhile everyone is going to have to wait Patiently until the new update for this Mod is released.
  11. There's a possibilty of having the LASD Explorer having the FedSig Integrity instead of the FedSig Arjent. LASD has their new Explorers outfitted with the FedSig Integrity.
  12. We are well aware of PD's using the new FedSig Valor Lightbar, also we are aware that some LAPD Patrol Cars have the new Valors, but at the moment its a bit to early for the Valors on our LAPD Cars. Although we do have the LAXPD Caprice that has a FedSig Valor.
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