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    Happy New Year! Asking for release dates is against site rules.
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    U P D A T E Fire Department Division (LEAKED) Welcome to 2019 Guys I work on Mod all my free time I have interesting ideas when it comes to Mod At the moment I am working on fire trucks Note on the picture are not shown, (All Vehicles) Mercedes_Atego G T F Will make debut soon, but in the picture is visible but not completed As for the ladder truck vehicle, we still have to wait #Regards TheVolume Status Mod 01/01/19 Fire Department Division Scania Hazmat -Truck 100% Mercedes Atego -Equipment Truck GTF 90% Mercedes_Benz -Rescue Divers Car 100% Volvo V70 -Leader Car 100% Volvo XC70 -Leader Car 50% Scania Truck -Extinguishing Truck TLF 50% Scania ladder truck 10% Mercedes Vito -Equipment Car 100% Current photo for confirmation!
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    Version 0.1.1


    This is the beta edition of the Wegberg 7 English pack Created by: Scott Marshall(Nodrog1061) Credit to: ● FT Software For making the original mod ● Bernt112 For helping to understand how EM4 works ● Max I Storm, Xinamond and Northen Alex for help with translation ● Sam Johnson for giving salt : ) Requirements: ● Wegberg 7 Beta Mod (https://ftsoftware.eu/downloads/wegberg7beta) ● Emergency 4 / 911 first responders Installation instruction are included in the file NOTES: Only automatic dispatch is translated yet DO NOT launch the mod using the Wegberg 7 launcher open it as a regular mod if you have installed it correctly you should see this icon: Featured Video: Install tutorial: Needing Support with the mod either contact me through the forums or on discord https://discord.gg/TFenZqK
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    Happy New Year once again. Here's the older Ford Explorer. Its finally done. I still have more models to complete, stay tuned.
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    https://discord.gg/5SmS4jg come join EESG Emergency 4 clan looking for new members. We are Recruiting for Fire , EMS , Police , Sheriff , and Dispatch. We have alot of commanding officers slots open as well that to be filled in all departments come and join the Eastern Emergency Services Group clan ! and make a difference and experience. good roleplaying for Emergency Services ! Requirements are 1. Must be 13 years of age to play 2. Must have Emergency 4 or 911 First Responders or have the game within two weeks of joining. https://store.steampowered.com/app/757210/EMERGENCY_4_Deluxe/ 3. Must be Mature and Respectful 4. Must Speak Fluent English 5. Must Pass Personality Test within a week of joining we have the link for the test. 6. Must not leak mods without permission and must be in clan to have mods 7. Must get Hamachi its a 100 percent free https://www.vpn.net/ 8. We also play games such as GTA V , Emergnyc, 911 operator , Flashing lights, Minecraft , Road Blocks and we will be working on a FiveM server for emergency services for GTA V 9. Must have a working Mic or mobile device for teamspeak such as Smartphone / cell phone or Tablet or Ipad or Ipod or a Working mic or head set for Discord or teamspeak. 10. teamspeak info is only for communication for games. eb397.teamspeak3.com