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Emergency 3 Game Resources


Information on playable units in Em3.

Game Resources

This section will be broke down into several additional sections to break everything down by category. In each of these categories will be a list of the equipment types available and a list of their individual equipment abilities. This will also include a list of the various personnel available in that category and their abilities. In each of the sub-categories I will review the personnel and their abilities first. Listed behind each item/description there will be an abbreviation contained in parentheses that will be used periodically through this walkthrough.

1. Fire Units ,Personnel and Available Equipment

A. Available Equipment

  • Fire Extinguisher (FE) - Used to extinguish small fires and cool small hot spots.
  • Fire Hose (FH) - Used to extinguish larger fires and cool larger hot spots.
  • Rescue Cutter (RC) - Used to aid in removing trapped individuals from wreckage.
  • Power Saw (PS) - Used to remove trees that may be blocking a path you need.
  • Fireman's Axe (FA) - Used to break down locked doors to gain access to trapped individuals.
  • Inflatable Life Net (ILN) - Placed near a building with individuals trapped on higher fllors to evacuate them.

B. Available Personnel

  • Fire Fighter (FF) - Cost 25 Credits. Can use all available equipment and relocate injured victims.
  • Fire Fighter w/ Respiratory (FF/R) - Cost 75 Credits. Used in heavy smoke situations. Can use fire extinguisher, fire hose and power saw. Can also relocate injured victims.
  • Fire Fighter w/ ABC (FF/ABC) - Cost 100 Credits. Used in situations with chemical, biological or radioactive exposure. Can use fire extinguisher, fireman's axe and relocate injured victims.
  • Fire Brigade Diver (FBD) - Cost 250 Credits. Used to rescue vitims in water. Also used to search for sunken objects and mark them for recovery.

C. Available Vehicles

  • RW - Equipment Vehicle (RW) - Cost 1500 Credits. Transports 3 Teams. Carries all available equipment and can transport all personnel.
  • TLF - Fire Truck (TLF) - Cost 2500 Credits. Transports 3 Teams. Equipment - FE and FA. Can transport all personnel.
  • DLK - Aerial Ladder Vehicle (DLK) - Cost 2500 Credits. Transports 2 Teams. Carries no equipment. Can Transport all personnel. If placed near a multi-story building will transport a fire brigade team to higher floor to evacuate trapped victims.
  • LPF - Fire Extinguishing Tank (LPF) - Cost 3000 Credits. Transports 2 Teams. Carries no equipment. Can Transport all personnel. Design makes it suitable for fighting extremely hot fires.
  • ASF - Towing Vehicle (ASF) - Cost 250 Credits. Carries no equipment. Transports no personnel. Used to remove vehicle wreckage and certain pieces of debris.
  • Dekon P - Decontamination Vehicle (DP) - Cost 2500 Credits. Carries no equipment. Can only transport FF/ABC. Helps decontaminate those who have been exposed to biological, radioactive or chemical substances.
  • TFMB - Transport Vehicle Motorboat (TFMB) - Cost 750 Credits. Carries no equipment, but can carry fire brigade teams equipped with equipment. Can carry 4 fire brigade teams AND 4 rescued parties. Used to transport resources in water. Can rescue victims in water and retrieve objects in water.
  • LF - Fire Extinguishing Aircraft (LF) - Cost 4000 Credits. Used to combat fires spread over a large area. Do not use in residential/inhabited areas as people will be hurt from spray. Once assigned to mission it will not be available again for three minutes.
  • FLB - Fire Extinguishing Boat (FLB) - Cost 3000 Credits. Carries no equipment. Transports no personnel. Used to extinguish items on/near water. Has an extremely long range.

2. Technical Units and Personnel

A. Available Personnel

  • Engineer (EG) - Cost 500 Credits. Used to repair defective signals and crossings. Can also operate a wide variety of equipemt meant to turn on/off certain items.

B. Available Vehicles

  • FGrL - EKW Emergency Car (FGRL) - Cost 150 Credits. Used to transport EG from location to location as fast as possible.
  • FGrR - Salvage Vehicle (FGRR) - Cost 2000 Credits. Used to lift/move heavy loads to rescue people trapped under it or to create a path to reach victims.
  • FGrB - Bridge Laying Vehicle (FGRB) - Cost 3000 Credits. Used to lay pontoon bridge to allow emergency vehicles to cross river. Once a pontoon bridge is laid, it can not be retrieved.

3. Police Forces Vehicles, Personnel and Equipment

A. Available Equipment

  • Roadblock (RB) - Used as a barrier for blocking streets or paths. If a car runs over a roadblock it functions as a spike strip and will flatten their tires. Can be picked up and moved if neccessary.
  • Stun Grenade (SG) - Should only be used in dangerous or unpredictable situations. Blinds and Disorients all people in bladt radius.

B. Available Personnel

  • Policeman (PM) - Cost 25 Credits. Can use roadblock. Used to interrogate and arrest people.
  • Police Psychologist (PP) - Cost 25 Credits. Used to negotiate with hostage takers or talk to a panicked citizen to help calm them down.
  • Marksman (MM) - Cost 200 Credits. Can use stun grenade. Can interrogate and arrest people if weapon is not drawn. Weapon provides a non lethal shot everytime.
  • Sharp Shooter (SS) - Cost 350 Credits. Carries a standard precision sharp-shooter rifle. Used only in extreme situations as every shot is fatal.

C. Available Vehicles

  • StW - Patrol Car (STW) - Cost 150 Credits. Transports 2 members of the police forces. Can also transport arrested persons.
  • MTW - Personnel Carrier Vehicle (MTW) - Cost 500 Credits. Transports 6 members of the police forces. Carries Roadblock. Can also transport arrested persons.
  • SW - Special Car (SW) - Cost 1000 Credits. Transports 6 members of the police forces. Carries Roadblock and Stun grenade. Can also transport arrested persons. This is basically a armoured police van.
  • PHC - Police Helicopter (PHC) - Cost 3000 Credits. Transports 2 members of the police forces. Can automatically track vehicles/people with its spotlight. Has externally mounted loudspeakers that can be used to evacuate a building.
  • WaW - Water Cannon (WAW) - Cost 1000 Credits. Used to hold and/or push back a crowd with its auto slewing water cannon.
  • FLIGHT - Getaway Car (FLIGHT) - Costs 500 Credits. If you would like to fulfil the demands made by the hostage-takers, you can provide them with such a vehicle.

4. Rescue Service Teams

A. Available Personnel

  • RM - Rescue Medic (RM) - Cost 25 Credits. Used to move victims from mission area using a stretcher.
  • ED - Emergency Doctor (ED) - Cost 75 Credits. Only he/she can perform exam on patient prior to transport. Can also make reanimation attempt if neccessary.
  • RDH - Rescue Dog Handler (RDH) - Cost 75 Credits. Consists of handler and rescue dog. Unit is responsible for searching for and locating people in obscure areas or trapped under debris.

B. Available Vehicles

  • NEF - Emergency Ambulance (NEF) - Cost 150 Credits. Transports 1 member of rescue services. Used to transport emergency doctor to scene quickly.
  • RTW - Rescue Transport Vehicle (RTW) - Cost 500 Credits. Transports 2 members of rescue services. Used to transport ED and RM to scene and then take victim away from scene.
  • RHF - Rescue Dog Vehicle (RHF) - Cost 150 Credits. Transports 1 member of rescue services. Used to transport the rescue dog handler and rescue dog to the scene.
  • RHC - Rescue Helicopter (RHC) - Cost 3000 Credits. Transports 2 members of rescue services. Used in areas not accessible by ground. Injured can be airlifted with stretcher and taken elsewhere.
  • ITW - Intensive Transportation Vehicle (ITW) - Cost 3000 Credits. Transports 4 members of rescue services. Transports 9 victims. Used to treat and transport a large number of patients. Victims must still be examined by doctor before entering, but will be stabilized automatically once inside.
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