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Emergency 4 - Walkthrough


Walkthrough for Emergency 4

[pagetitle='Collapse of a crane on a church!']

Recommended Units:

1 Equipment vehicle (RW) with 2 normal firefighters
1 Ambulance with 1 paramedic, without doctor
1 Ambulance with 1 paramedic and 1 doctor


Send your units to the front of the church. The structure isn't very stable and debris will fall down on the left side after sometime (See 1).

Take the hose with one of the firemens and connect it to a fire hydrant (see 3), extinguish the small fire. Use a firemen to take the two persons away so that won't get hurt when debris fall down (See 2).

Lift the debris away from the wounded (See 4).

Send the doctor to the first victim then take him up with the paramedic and send the ambulance back without the doctor, then take the doctor and go on the second victim, take him up and send the ambulance back with the paramedic and the doctor.

Avalable pictures (1):
(click on each picture to open the bigger version in a new window)


Well done, mission completed.
[pagetitle='Fire in a tires warehouse!']

Recommended Units:

1 Pumper (GTF) with 3 normal firefighters & 3 firefighters with mask
2 Ambulance with 1 paramedic, without doctor
1 Ambulance with 1 paramedic and 1 doctor

Send your units to the tire store, put the gtf where i put it. Take 5 firefighters, 3 normal, 2 with mask, raccord 4 to the gtf and one to the hydrant (see 1). Extinguish the tires with those 5 firefighters (see 2). Once 2 is extinguished, extingish the hedges behind point 2. Take the last firefighter you didnt use yet (with mask) take an axe, enter the hangar, then open the door (see 3) to the room where the 2 victims are lying in. Pick each victim up (see 4) with that firefighter and get them out. Get the doctor out of the ambulance, heal the 3 victims and send the 3 ambulances back (1 with doctor, 2 without doctor). Take the firefiger that had the axe and now take an extinguisher, go back to the hangar and extinguish point 5,6,7,8 , if the tires and hedges at the ouside are extinguished, get 2 firefighters with mask that have hoses off and take an extinguished with both, enter the hangar to help the other firefighter with mask.

Avalable pictures (3):
(click on each picture to open the bigger version in a new window)

m2_1_thumb.jpg m2_2_thumb.jpg

Well done, mission completed.
[pagetitle='Fictitious transaction!']

Recommended Units:

1 MTW with 1 negociator & 2 police officers
1 RTW with 1 doctor & 1 paramedic


Take the doctor to the victim (See 1). Take the 2 policemens and take roadblocks and lay the roadblocks around the vehicle like i did (See 2). Take the negociator and click on the hosue the dealers are in (See 3). Now take the victim to the ambulance and send the ambulance back to base. Put the 2 policemens and the negociator to the mtw and ride out of the red rectangle. The dealers will now leave the house, now wait until the victim runs away and go back with the mtw. Now the dealers will ride over the roadblocks and you can arrest them (See 4), take them into the mtw and send the mtw back to the base.

Avalable pictures (3):
(click on each picture to open the bigger version in a new window)

m3_1_thumb.jpg m3_2_thumb.jpg


Well done, mission complete.

[pagetitle='Monster Truck accident!']

Recommended Units:

1 Pumper (GTF) with 6 normal firefighters
3 Ambulance (RTW) with 1 paramedic, without doctor
1 Ambulance (RTW) with 1 paramedic and 1 doctor
1 Equipment Vehicle (RW) with 2 firefighter
1 Tow Truck (ASF)
1 Recovery Crane (FGRR)


First take the 6 firefighters from the GTF and take the people on point 1, 2 and 3 away to the right side (A bit behind the yellow monster truck). Now take the 2 firefighters of the RW and take the jaws to cut the two victims out of the two monster trucks (See 6). Once this is done send the doctor to both of them and pick them up with paramedics. Send the two ambulances back to base and keep the doctor on scene. Take the crane and pickup the wheel (See 4), put the wheel down behind the vehicles (See 5). Send the crane back to base and take the doctor, heal the first ictim in point 4 and send him to the second while you pickup the victim with the paramedic, put the doctor and the paramedic with victim and an ambulance (do not send back to base yet). Take the second victim with a paramedic and put him in an ambulance (do not send to base yet). Now take 4 firefighters, equip those with hoses and cool down the truck (See 7) Note that your firetruck must be on +- the same place as on the screen to avoid explosion. Take the 4 other firefighters and equip those with fire extinguishers, send those to the blue monster truck (See 6). Now take your tow truck and pickup the blue truck (See 6). Send your tow truck + the 2 remaining ambulances immediatly back to base. Wait until fire goes down and extinguish remaining fires, but note to watch that the red monster truck (See 7) don't explode!

Avalable pictures (3):
(click on each picture to open the bigger version in a new window)

m4_1_thumb.jpg m4_2_thumb.jpg


Well done, mission complete.

[pagetitle='Collapse of a motorway bridge!']
[pagetitle='Bomb at the conference!']
[pagetitle='A hacker causes total Blackout!']
[pagetitle='Rupture of the stopping!']

Recommended Units:

1 Equipment vehicle (RW) with 3 divers
4 Ambulance with 1 paramedic and 1 doctor
1 Motorboat (TFMB)
1 Engineer SUV (FGRI) + 1 Engineer
1 Bridge Vehicle (FGRB)
1 TEC Heli (FGRT) + 1 Engineer

There are 6 persons in the water to pickup with the FMB
There are 9 persons on the roofs to pickup with the FGRT
There are 3 persons in their cars under water to take out with a diver

Avalable pictures (10):
(click on each picture to open the bigger version in a new window)


When the vehicles arrive, first take the FGRB and build the bridge at "4".


While the FGRB is building the bridge send the FGRI and send it to "5" and put push the 3 switches, the power will be off.


Now take the FGRT and begin the rescue the persons that are on the buildings "1", note that you need to get the wounded of the roof fast enough so she won't die.

Note to first rescue the persons on the roof of the building on the fllowing screenshot.

While taking up the persons on the roof, take the TFMB and rescue the persons in the water with the FMB "2".


While the TFMB is going to the victim yous elected take your those 3 divers and send them to "3" (See screenshot 1 & 2). When the divers come up on the water again, get them immediatly back to the site to heal the 3 persons.

Go on with rescuing the rest now :) And send the victims back to base.

m8_4_thumb.jpg m8_2_thumb.jpg

m8_7_thumb.jpg m8_8_thumb.jpg

m8_9_thumb.jpg m8_10_thumb.jpg

Well done, mission complete.
[pagetitle='Raid in the district of the station!']
[pagetitle='Explosion at the polar station!']

Recommended Units:

1 Mass Casualty Unit (ITW)
1 Ambulance (RTW)
1 TEC Heli (FGRT)
1 Crane (FGRR)
1 Hazmat Vehicle (Dekon)
1 Bulldozer (TRL)


2 Doctors
2 Paramedic
1 Engineer
1 Hazmat firefighter
1 Sharpshooter

Screenshot of the units:


There are a total of 3 contamined persons
There are a total of 10 wonded civilians, two (2) of them are contamined

Avalable pictures (8):
(click on each picture to open the bigger version in a new window)


NOTE: We don't say "put the victim in ambulance" because you should see by yourself when the victim reaches the colored ambulance logo. On the moment the victim reaches the colored logo, put him immediatly in the ITW, but remember, always let 1 doctor in the itw. The last victim can be put in the RTW ambulance.


Once arrived at scene, take the FGRT and begin rescure of 1A, 1B & 1C (See above screenshot)
While doing this take your Hazmat vehicle with hazmat vehicle and begin decontamination of the persons.
2A, 2B, 2C (See following screenshot:)
NOTE: Youre free to take away the contaminated barrels


While excuting the rescue of 1A to 2C, you can begin to make place for your crane, take your TRL and begin to take the barrels away, move them from the red sector to the blue sector, see following screenshot:


While your taking the barrels away, take your crane and move the two wall parts A + B, once the wall parts are gone take an engineer and repair the generator inside. (See following screenshot)


Now send the crane to the place where you mvoed the barrels from, pickup the debris and send a doctor to heal the victim. (See screenshot)


While the doctor is healing the victim, take your sniper and move to the icebears on the uper side, and shoot them all.
NOTE: To kill 1 icebear you need to shoot 3 times
NOTE²: Icebears will atack your sniper!
(See followingscreenshot)


Once all icebars are dead, take the helicopter and pick him up
Then take your crane, take away the 3 wall parts to liberate two victims
NOTE: Never take away the side part (right side wall part)

Take away part 1 then 2 then 3, the "X" marks the part you should NEVER take away.
After the part 1 is recovered you can immediatly send a doctor in to heal the victim.


Now that you are done with savind victims proced to liberate the scientists in the laboratoty. Take an engineer and push on the switch marked with a "x". Once engineer is done, enter the laboratory.

Well done, mission complete.

[pagetitle='Fire on a drilling rig!']
[pagetitle='Catastrophe in the mine!']
[pagetitle='Accident in a motorway tunnel!']
[pagetitle='Explosion in the fireworks factory!']
[pagetitle='The capital advisor!']
[pagetitle='Diversion of a plane!']
[pagetitle='Fire at an open air concert!']
[pagetitle='Collision at the airport!']
[pagetitle='The great earthquake!']

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