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Question: How to adjust stats (particularly speed) of pre-spawned/civilian vehicles - Emergency 4

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Something that has always bugged me about EM4 vs EM5, was how slow the vehicles (subjectively) seemed to move. I understand the gameplay balance reasons for it and I know it's a "me" problem, but after discovering the Unit Speed options in the xml files of the base game, I whooped for joy because now, I can enjoy the clearly superior game with more comprehensive modding! Only...the pre-spawned vehicles in the LA mod, etc, all spawn with the default speed, rather than my changed speed values. If I summon them in from off-map, they'll work, but the vehicles already (and much more immersively, I might add) placed on the map do not. What values do I need to change in order to affect those?


In addition, what files do I need to edit in order to edit the speed of the civilian traffic, because I feel that that could use a boost as well.

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There's a script that runs after loading that spawns and sets values for vehicles, find "setspeed" in it and adjust for each vehicle.

Traffic vehicle speed is set in the paths they follow, and you'd have to change those in the map editor.

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