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Help needed with Persons' textures editing!

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Hello, I'm currently working on a Gotham City-themed submod for the L.A. Mod and while skinning vehicles, inanimate objects and such is quite easy, I'm also having a hard time with persons/personnel. So, after all the unpacking the dds etc, this is how textures are shown:


This is from the male LAPD officer. As you could guess, without any reference to any uniform or bodypart is quite hard to edit this stuff. If there's anyone around here with a step-by-step tutorial or some useful and genuine tips about skinning/editing/modding personnel, I'll gladly accept his (or her) help.

Thank you!

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They have an alpha channel. You'll need an editor that can edit alpha channels to edit it.

I just use DXTBmp and delete the alpha channel, as it's not that important, I'm not an expert, and I'm lazy.


To remove the alpha channel, just go to File -> Save as -> DDS Texture, then select DDS DXT1(No Alpha) option from the file type options.

Just remember to go to the editor and uncheck the Alpha Reflections option from that model.


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