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*pours one out for the lost*


Hopefully there is a way we can redirect over to here or boost interest again! 


I know NorthernAlex and Dom do youtube and stream, but has the forums considered an official channel or stream channel? Like, it can be run by the admins and it can post videos of mods or mod updates, do like, interviews with modders and players, do livestreams of different mods to showcase them, and otherwise promote the forums and community again? 


Its just an idea, but Ive done stuff like this before with other organizations and it seems to do well. Its hard for individual youtubers and steamers to get traction but more formal channels associated with a community already can do really well very quickly! Yes, it would require some planning, but its alot easier than it sounds I promise. The only thing needed is like 1-3 interested admin or personalities supported by admin that are willing to keep a consistent flow of content and engage the community. 


IDK, if this is interesting to any of the admins or old guard(mikeypi, newfoundking, stan, etc) let me know because I'm kinda down with this idea. Especially if it helps the community.

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