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Bieberfelde mod "personnel" models not being modified + lack of command options

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Alright, my issue is the following;

In all of the bieberfelde mods (Bieberfelde 2020, Bieberfelde 1.2, 1.3, etc) I have the following issues:
- The "peds"(personnel models) are the original EM4 ones, this ranges from the EMT model to the policeman model
- A lot of options are lacking, for example, in the RTW, only the following options work:
Check hospital availability
Empty vehicle(If theres personnel inside it)
Initialise(which just makes the vehicle disappear..?)
Turn on flashing lights/Hazard lights

I am sure that I have installed the mods correctly + the custom Bieberfelde UIs, I haven't found any other useful information ( from what I have searched in the forums + youtube + the handbook)

I got these idea after I watched a few of NorthernAlex's videos, and I have seen screenshots from regular people + screenshots from the handbook, I haven't got the peds and a lot of the options.

Not sure why, I tried reinstalling the mod, EM4, verifying steam files, ETC

(not really sure if this is the 100% correct place to put this here)


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