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Sixteen Tons Entertainment purchased, new projects in the works

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A bit late but 16 Tons Entertainment has been purchased by Phoenix Games in early 2020, it would seem that Phoenix Games is headed by Klaas Kersting, a co founder of the German gaming platform "Gameforge" and the former CEO of Flaregames, a mobile game developer. What that means for the future of the Emergency series is unclear, but I do have some speculation. There have been no PC releases of the Emergency series since 2017, with the release of "Emergency 20", however in late 2017 Emergency HQ was released for mobile devices. On the Google Play store alone the app has well over 1,000,000 downloads, and follows the "freemium" game design concept where players have the option to spend real world money for in game currency to buy upgrades, pass time, etc. While no hard sales figures exist, with the download numbers alone I would suspect that Emergency HQ is a profit driving IP. I would expect the continuation of the mobile game for some time. 

That being said Sixteen Tons software is hiring, and we might gain some insight into their current projects from the job descriptions. 

They are hiring a level designer with the following requirements of note...

To work on our upcoming projects we are looking for a full-time Level Designer (m/f/d) for our studio in Tuebingen. As Level Designer, you will play a key role in the creation of high-quality PC, console and mobile games. You will work closely together with game designers, artists, programmers and project managers.

  • Familiarity with level design workflows and tools like UE4 Editor, Unity Editor
  • Experience with UE4 blueprints or other visual scripting systems
  • Experience creating realistic city scenarios
  • Experience with RTS design

...as well as a Cross Platform Developer and Build Engineer who has the following responsibility

  • Autonomous professional development and maintenance of platform-specific features for Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

The Emergency series has continued on for over 20 years at this point, so I would also not be surprised if they take time to develop a new IP altogether, as it is really the only IP that Sixteen Tons has. That being said the level designer requirements combined with the Cross Platform Development suggest something more on the horizon. 

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