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The Netherlands Mod [WIP]

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I am really glad with this model. The Dutch-skinned ambulance that is now working in EM5 was actually an existing ambulance from German origin. That is why i was hoping for a Dutch model. The model makers did a really awesome job. I can only hope they are able and willing to do do more for our "TNM". I now also noticed that the text on each side of the vehicle are shown correctly and finally no more in mirror view. Chapeau!  

I have no doubt, "TNM" is gonna be the second Big EM5 mod that is gonna hit the ceiling.





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On 2/15/2017 at 0:54 PM, ItsLeandro said:

Alright, time for quite an awesome update!

I have been in contact with @Ropie58 for quite a long time now, and he would love to see a new, actual Dutch ambulance in Emergency 5. Well, that wish has been granted.


I still need to add the sirens & lights, and make it able to actually use in-game. I think it looks really awesome :-). The model and texture are done by NNICO and Sputnik, they did an awesome job.

Ooh, nice! If you'd like me to set up events or such, I'd be happy to contribute, provided I have time.

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Hey guys!

I want to announce that from now on the TNM mod will simply go in WIP (Work In Progress) state, simply because I don't like working under pressure (that is at least how it feels like). I am definitely still working on TNM, but I prefer to take some time to create one big version, and not working towards small updates. To show you guys I am still working on TNM, here a recent screenshot (these vehicles are not finished by the way):

The TAS (Water Tender) has been modeled and skinned by Chidea, the T5 and Touran are from the Emergency 4 Mods "Egmond Mod" and the  "Amsterdam Mod". I hope to implement more and more vehicles as time goes by .


If anyone is interested in modeling and skinning some new vehicles, hit me up in a PM ;-). Other help is also greatly appreciated, just let me know =).


That's it for now!


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Considering it's all "for the greater good", I think there's nothing else we can do, then just trying to wait patiently for your release. Over the last few weeks, we've seen some print screens of your work and it all looks very promising. As I'm sure, people can still reach you with their ideas, comments and/or suggestions through the link you provided us earlier: https://goo.gl/forms/ybaWT3kAYYRYqETD3, I also hope you'll keep us updated with print screens and whatever other news you might have, to keep us eager for your next time release.

Take your time.




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Hi Guys,


I'm sorry to tell you that yesterday, I learned that ItsLeandro unfortunately decided to stop his cooperation on the further development of the Dutch Mod. He told me that he has lost his interest in continuing his modding activities in general, also due to other personal activities, and he found that playing the game has lost its attraction as well. Also, and I must admit that this is true, he noticed there were too little activities on the forum to show him that there is still an interest in either the Dutch mod or the EM5 game itself.  Although I stated, that it is a vicious circle that we are in at the moment, unfortunately, ItsLeandro didn’t fell for my argument:

“As long as EM5-players do not see any more updates to appear, there seems to be no reason for them to be active on our forum. And as long modders do not see any more activities on the forum, they see no reason to put any more time in the further development of the mod.”  

 It is possible however that ItsLeandro will place a statement about the ending of his cooperation on the forum in due time, as I requested him to, but I have no certainty about his doing so. So that’s why I now chose to inform you players already. Naturally I was happy to work with him and I do think we really made some progress for which I truly thank him for. We even still had some great plans but, for me – out of the blue, ItsLeandro decided to stop.

For me, it is now very frustrating to see, for the fourth time in a row, that modders who worked happily on the Dutch Mod, they all decided to stop in the middle of their progress – all of them did so for personal reasons I’m sure. Obviously, there was nothing I could do, other then to respect their reasons.

Again, our Dutch mod has been left behind in the middle of its development and again, with this callout to you, I hope to find modders interested again in picking up the Dutch mod where it’s been left off and, with my help, they’re willing to bring the Dutch mod back to life. Naturally, again, I am offering my help to you guys as I was able to also work very pleasantly with all the modders working on our Dutch mod before you. If you are familiar with modding EM5 and you would like to pick up the Dutch mod for further development, please get in touch with me on the forum or through PM, and I’m sure we can work something out. Although I am Dutch myself, it is not necessary that you’re Dutch too if you're willing to give it a go. After all, at the time I worked with Ben12 as well, while he was American.

To read my complete story, I would like to refer you to my message (see link below) I posted earlier this year on our forum (Section: Emergency 5 / General talk) on January 4, 2017.

I hope to hear from any of you soon to, again, try to finish the job.






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At the time you told me that your lack of time was the cause of your leaving. I'm so glad you're able (even if only temporary), AND MOTIVATED,  to pick up the further development of the Dutch mod again. I hope you still have my email address so maybe you are willing to get in touch with me again for answering your maybe questions. Surely I can fill you in on the information you need. Should you've lost my mail address, then please contact me through PM at first. I am really looking forward to our cooperation again.

For the record, should you have become acquainted in the mean time with other EM5 modders who would like to assist you, please don't let them hesitate. Still, my call out also goes for other modders on our forum who would like to join in (maybe even again?).





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i hope there comes an update to this awesome mod! for now i tryd bens mod it seems bugged on my end, your mod howver seems to load the new home schreen, not the intro video, and changes my personal and vehicles, however.. i see no options for light on/off or siren controlls.. right now its verry anoying that i cant turn them off they keep playing a long time after arival and mulltiple cars.. well lets say sometimes its amusing but other times plain horrible lol! hope to see continue development guys emergency needs new live! the devs sure prommised me they are workin on patching the game!

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I just registered here to say Thank You to all the modders out there who made this mod possible (I started playing EM5 just now) and put loads of their spare time into this amazing project. I find it very annoying that Sixteen-Tons Entertainment focused too much on earning money instead of making quality games that could last more than a few months. Let's hope we might ever see a true Emergency 4 sequel that is worth our money, modding, and spare time.

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@ Gabriel Evans / Johnny BNL,


For the record, the further development of the Dutch Mod, also known as The Netherlands Mod (TNM), it is experiencing a bit of a hard time now. Should you be willing to read my earlier posts, maybe you've even done so already, than you would know that at the moment there is only Ben12 working on TNM as we speak. The only problem is, he is doing it in his spare time next to his studies. Also, he is unfortunately not as familiar with the modding process as FrozenOne and ItsLeandro were at the time, but he sure as hell is trying to get the job done. FrozenOne was the creator of the mod in the first place and when he stopped, for personal reasons, ItsLeandro took over TNM's further development. Now that ItsLeandro stopped modding TNM as well, Ben12 "reported in" to take over, but it's giving him a hard time. That's why I tried desperately, on several occasions, by calling out on our forum here, to find new modders who would like to help out in the further development of TNM.

I myself am not a modder; I'm standing on the side line and I'm only giving tips, suggestions and comment to the modders on TNM's modding development. I could do so because I have been a Dutch ambulance driver for some time, which was good enough reason for all of the TNM modders, to accept my comments that I brought in with respect to their work; not as "plain orders". Thanks to the fact that the modders and I were able to work as a team, and my comments, tips and suggestions were well appreciated by the modders, we all brought TNM to where it is now. However, I am now familiar with the fact that the release of EM5's latest patches 4.0.1 and 4.1.0 are giving problems for playing TNM. I hope Ben12 will be able to sort things out.   

But, if any of you guys are familiar with modding and want to help out, or even know somebody for that matter, who would be perfectly capable for the job and willing to join in, please get in touch with me.



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On 1/3/2017 at 3:19 PM, ItsLeandro said:


What is The Netherlands Mod?

The Netherlands Mod will be a continuation of the former Dutch Mod, with initiative-taker FrozenOne-94, and following-up developer Ben12. As of now both of them have stopped with Emergency 5 modding, and so I decided to take over the project. The Netherlands Mod is a modification for Emergency 5, 2016 and 2017 which changes the standard German theme to a Dutch one. First thing that I changed was the mod name, from Dutch Mod to The Netherlands Mod. In my opinion this suits the mod better. My goal is to keep the mod working after new updates and adding new features.


Features of The Netherlands Mod

Here you will find all the features of the mod. Every new version of the mod will also include the features of the previous versions, unless otherwise noted.

v1.0.1 Latest version  
  Unlimited Units Amount of vehicles is unlimited on every map. This means that you don't need to worry about vehicle management.
  Textures & Models
  • Pretty much all (standard) Emergency vehicles have Dutch skinning.
  • The standard police helicopter has been replaced with a Dutch model, including Dutch skinning.
  Audio The standard German sirens have been replaced with Dutch sirens.
  Video The second video you are prompted with when starting up Emergency, has been replaced with a
video showing off some Dutch emergency vehicles. So don't spam spacebar when starting up Emergency http://www.emergency-forum.de/wcf/images/smilies/thumbsup.png !
  Main menu The Emergency main menu background has been replaced with a Dutch background.
v1.0.2 Upcoming version These are the features planned for the upcoming version, v1.0.2. So this means that these features aren't available yet!
  Killerconsti's Mini Mod This version will contain commands and other features of Killerconsti's Mini Mod. Thank you Killerconsti
for making this possible.
  Audio The sirens from v1.0.1 will be replaced with new sirens. Thank you Ropie58 for supplying me with them!
  TEC Base There will be a new base for TEC units. Here a picture of the base, which is still work in progress:
  Fire Station There will also be a (small) fire station. This fire station will hold a RW, TLF, DLK and one NEF.
  Police checkpoints There will be police checkpoints around the cities, where vehicles will be pulled over and
get checked. In the beginning there will only be one checkpoint, where one vehicle is
being checked. In the future I hope to add a script which actually randomly pulls
over civilians, but that's something for later.



Here you can find all the available downloads of The Netherlands Mod.

Downloads Date EmergencyPlanet FileBase MediaFire
v1.0.1 27-Jan-2017 http://www.emergency-planet.com/files/file/1204-the-netherlands-mod/ https://www.mediafire.com/?slsdm0717oylqt4


Bugs and Suggestions

Have you found a bug in The Netherlands Mod? Or do you have an awesome suggestion? Well, I am happy to hear from you! You can do so here: https://goo.gl/forms/ybaWT3kAYYRYqETD3.

Known bugs    
v1.0.1 There is no recovery crane available. Thank you markp400 for letting me know! This will be fixed in the next version, v1.0.2.


On this thread I hope to post updates regularly, to show you guys progression made on The Netherlands Mod. I will happily receive any feedback, since this will only make The Netherlands Mod better. If you want to get in contact with me, you can send me a private message or e-mail.


Feel free to leave comments here, I will be looking forward to them!





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