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How and where can I install a mod?

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Hi Guys,


Could you please explain to me how and where to install a mod you guys created and keep track of the new developed mods. Also, once a mod is installed, could it be undone? 


You probably understand by now, that I don't know anything about creating mods and everything that goes with it. What I do know however, is that I'm very happy with people like YOU who do understand how to create them and let people like ME do nothing more then simply enjoy them...  :12:


Thank you!




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There are very few mods for EM5 so far, and the ones that are out modify the original game, and don't add new content.


With that being said, the forum post should have instructions on how to install the mod. If it doesn't say on the forum, there is likely an installation guide, usually in a notepad file. You can find the list of mods for EM5 here:




It's very rare that a mod will be installed and not be able to be uninstalled, but I haven't looked at the EM5 mods and how they are set up, so it varies. Things that overwrite game files will be unable to be undone. If new files are added, it should be able to be undone by deleting those files. (Don't take my word on this though. :P )


Whenever there is a new topic posted or update, it will appear here.


Since you are relatively new, Welcome to the forums! :D

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