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  1. We will post the updates and downloads of our mods on our Discord server, the Emergency Explorer and we will make an entry it in the Emergency Hub.
  2. Unfortunately, since my posts always have to be activated by moderators (when a link is in it?), it always takes a while. But you are welcome to read the English manual, which can be found in the mod folder under 1_readme...
  3. The wait is finally over. Version 1.0 can now be downloaded: https://clientcdn.emergencyx.de/latest or https://mega.nz/file/hqcykSaC#10vvZGVf8ymdyGfaqGCNR-mdRtt6e0bStXmZb-QEIDg Installation Guide: Install Beaverfield via the Emergency Explorer: Download the Emergency Explorer from the webdisk and install it on your system. direktlink: https://clientcdn.emergencyx.de/latest Navigate to Emergency Explorer > ModStore. Chose the City of Beaverfield modifikation and click on "Download and Install" in the bottom right corner. After that the modification can be activated and started under Emergency 5 > modification. Install Beaverfield manually: Now navigate to your EMERGENCY data directory. Of course, this varies depending on which path you selected during installation or which EMERGENCY version or Steam or Boxed version you are using. If you use the Steam version of EMERGENCY 20, you can find the folder under: YOUR DRIVE:\Steam\steamapps\common\EMERGENCY 20\data If you have installed the boxed version of EMERGENCY 5, you can find the folder under: YOUR DRIVE:\sixteen tons entertainment\EMERGENCY 5\data Now unzip the downloaded ZIP file into the data folder. It is important that the files are not unpacked directly into the data folder, but rather written into a directory called "beaverfield". The modification can then be activated and played normally via the launcher.
  4. City of Beaverfield - Release Version 1.0 After a long development period, the time has now come. On Monday October 2nd, 2023 version 1.0 of the City of Beaverfield modification for EMERGENCY 5/2016/2017/20 will be released. We will be starting a live stream on Twitch, so feel free to come along. Starts at 7:00 p.m. UTC+2 on https://www.twitch.tv/olfde
  5. It's been a while, but here I am again. With the support of the Essex Mod Team, some buildings in the city could be exchanged. Buildings like this make the whole thing even more authentic. I also recorded a new gameplay video: The current plan is that some bugs still have to be fixed and then maybe there will be a first version. Unfortunately still without a multiplayer. Feedback, criticism or suggestions for improvement are always welcome.
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