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  1. There is a mod in the works with multiple stations not available in game at the moment? Mind to share the name, link, or maybe any kind of information besides theres something out there bigger and better with pre approval from Hoppah. Not to mention Hoppah for the most part doesn't do "PRE" approval.
  2. Sorry was hoping to have this all done by now, but unfortunately my computer crashed/overheated etc. I have that all fixed finally. Now its all about the recreation. Simply a Police parking lot car placing, Port Police Station, Border Patrol station with smaller ATF substation, Nearby but not that close the USFS station. If it were to get to this point and hoppah granted permission for release, i'd like to also ask if the minor changes I made to the pullover script would be allowed as well. I was in touch with Texas DPS and he was up to help with scripting and what not, so a submod could be available. I'll post something new as soon as I got it.
  3. Re-Install the entire mod and try again.
  4. In order to get help, it would help to maybe post a couple of pix of those stations. You got permission from hoppah? ... to release it? Well when you get that help for the relase, ask for english too
  5. I don't have a download as said because I don't have permission to release/I never asked for permission. Thanks for the compliments though. Will CT FIRE/EMS
  6. Hey so I made a bunch of tweaks to my game, and today I did some modding in my game. All for private use. I don't post on here ever, but i'm online all the time looking at peoples submods and using them. Take a look and tell me what ya think!
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