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  1. Us army Arabic language fix

    hi this patch is for us army mod i dont own the mod and all the credit go to Hoppah the Author
    to install the patch just place the files in the right way 
    911 First Responders\Mods\US Army Mod\Models\Objects\02 Objects

    911 First Responders\Mods\US Army Mod\Models\Vehicles\02 Local Emergency Services
    Author: Hoppah
    MikeyPI                Ford E-Series, HMMWV and Eurocopter AS565 Panther models
    Voodoo_Operator        Local police officer and -fire fighter skins
    Rafaelfernandez        M2 Bradley IFV model
    Battlefield 2        AH-64 Apache model, Stryker model
    Wooder.cz and Narco    Nissan Navara model
    Loading Screen Music by Hans Zimmer - Roll Tide/Hymm: Father Strong to Save (1995) - Crimson Tide Original Soundtrack
    Changelist 0.7:

    - The arabic signs and cars are fixed now



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