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  1. Thank you for your answer,I modified the <starttime value = "06:30" /> in fp_params_challenge.xml, which is valid in the game. Can I think this file has specified my map?
  2. I created a new freeplay map for my mod,I also copied the original fp_params_challenge.xml and fp_params_endless.xml,My building has also been added Fire object,But there are still no events in the game. Who can tell me what to do?Thanks http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_02/593497790_9W5HRPHM@)1TOF_7CM.png.b1ab28b644519fe8e4c1da6419e67304.png
  3. hallo, I want to add the smoke effect of Brooklyn mod to my mod. I have added it to the editor. How can I make it work in freeplay??http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_10/1011156367_EM42019-10-2414-33-39-76.thumb.png.0fe64c4309068affec0912b2e230e876.png
  4. I use the script “LAwye” but I can't pick up the wye why??? My English is poor so I don't know where is wrong Everything else is normal!!!
  5. I think so. If EM4 can be integrated COH, may be perfect.
  6. Have to say that EM5 screen is very good.But I think the relative EM4, only the screen with the upgrade. I only have to wait for EM6.
  7. Oh!!Thank you very much!!!! But when I want to import the texture it shows“[QSF error] QSF editor found no local asset datasource for "E:/Emergency 2016/data/china_mod/content/texture/_derived/_material_0_crgb_aa_45290_1_45291_1_18446744073709551615_1.dds". Ensure your imported asset is inside a versioned datasource repository (e.g. Subversion or Git) or there's at least a "datasource" file inside the datasource root directory.” why?
  8. Hello everyone! Why does my editor do this? What does it mean? What should I do? e......My English is poor. sorry. Please help me !
  9. WZ Firedepartment “Secret Squadron”(80%) Squad Teqin 01
  10. New screenshots -Optimization of the vehicle model -WZ POLICEMAN -WZ FIREMAN -WZ FIREMAN Uniform
  11. Yes.it is FAW,it look like American fire truck...
  12. New fire truck~~~~ It's been changed. Wuzhou fire department Posts merged. Please avoid double/triple posting. The edit button is there for a reason.
  13. Hello all EM4 players WZC(Wuzhou City)Mod have been proposed for a long time Because of the problem of language, it is very slow. But now I can release the first batch of screenshots. I hope you like
  14. PLA helicopter :WZ-9 modle by Hoppah
  15. Both are my because Hong Kong is based on London, so I gave up
  16. Here is the Wuzhou Guangxi China mod -NEW Vehicles -NEW Personnel -NEW ........ What Suggestions can be proposed to me
  17. Oh.no.That topic is not myself.I will not take this MOD published to the Internet.China's Internet restrictions too much.I can't contact to all the authors and I don’t know how to use 3D-MAX and Zmodeler .I can only use the Internet material.Translation English is very difficult for me.I love Emergency4 .I love Hongkong .But now there is no one made a Hong Kong Mod.What should I do?
  18. I have established a new Hong Kong Mod The content of the update-New HKFD vehicles 60%-New HKPD vehicles 50%-New HK‘s Ambulance 80% -New HK‘s personnel -New lights -Hongkong style building?From Manhattan Mod?-New Flame lamination...........................................................To release two photo first We can see many new elements Enjoy it
  19. Hello everyone I'm from China?Here is my attempt to make Hongkong mod?But I don't know how to set up 3d model?So I hope that your Hongkong MOD can come soon?I strongly support?And my English is poor... ???????????????????????????????????3D????????????MOD????????????? Thanks Hello everyone I'm from China
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