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  1. What actually is the difference between a paramedic and an EMT? I always thought they were the same, just like a synonym of the title.
  2. Progress is looking amazing so far! I'm particularly excited for the variety of units and agencies. Forgive me if this was already mentioned previously, but will there be a parking script included? Similar to what's in Bieberfelde? Keep it up!
  3. Hey, so I've been noticing that certain vehicles in certain mods have the vehicle's texture just wrapped around it in some weird fashion (See battalion vehicle to the LEFT in attached file.) Some mods will run fine without this texture issue (Ex. LA Mod, NY Mod) while others have it (Ex. Northview County South Mod, Montana Mod). My laptop specs: - Windows 8.1 - Intel Pentium Processor - 2020M @ 2.40GHz CPU - 6.00 GB RAM - 64-bit OS, x64-based processor - DirectX 11 I was able to run these mods on my Windows 7 laptop which had (slightly) lower specs with no problems. I am completely puzzled! Hope you guys can help! Thanks for the time, zappy125.
  4. That black and white Ram reminds of the ones used by my local police dept., Nelson PD in British Columbia. Looking forward to this, keep up the great work!
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