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  1. Invisible MVA at Motel Also if you're still here please look into the DNRC Brush Truck bug I posted at bit ago, the pump doesn't work
  2. Small issue with DVFD Ladder truck, it lacks the flood light option, the flood lights only activate when you press the "directional lights" button but that disables the Master Lights which looks bad on scenes plus the truck literally has no directional lights anyway so I think this was just a mistake, please change it.
  3. Is there a way to move the flood light on the rescue truck?
  4. Burglarized house is bugged. You get the call, send 2 officers in, says 0 suspects founds then both officers are kicked and injured and then your told you need to send in officers into the house at which point nothing happens and you just kinda have to stare and probably just reset the game cuz 2 officers being injured sucks a lot
  5. Will you make that a feature then?
  6. Shouldn't firefighters be able to use the ladder trucks as engines I mean it says I can connect a hose to it but it won't work
  7. The DNRC Brush Trucks don't seem to work, all other brush trucks work fine but when I run the pump on the DNRC one it just won't let water out
  8. I'm having a problem with a structural fire Theres that one like 2 story building and it's like inbetween the clothing store and car rent and in front is the big parking lot, it also has a balcony It said I needed to vent the roof so I got a ladder but couldn't find the spot to place it and I figured I needed the DVFD thinking the ladder wasn't tall enough or something but the DVFD only works as a water cannon and then I was confused on what I was supposed to do so I just left the game. Hey sorry I just realised theres a promt for the ladder talk on taller buildings so I may have just missed it on my first playthrough.
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