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Invasion Machine, counter-insurgency sandbox game - if you liked Hoppah's US Army Mod

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I'm making a new game similar to the em4 freeplay mode, and to Hoppah's US Army mod!


A little bit of a shameless plug from me - I'm a developer for an upcoming sandbox RTT game - Invasion Machine which I actually realized plays a bit like the great US Army mod from Hoppah. I feel a bit weird making this comparison, but the game is basically "emergency 4 freeplay mode, but set in a warzone and with a much deeper AI and gameplay" - so I'd say it's valid. As far as I know Hoppah dropped the mod and will not update it with any new content, so if you're itching for more - you might wanna give my game a shot.

In Invasion Machine you become a commander in an imaginary war similar to those in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are tasked with keeping order and deploying the COIN strategy in a single occupied province. You'll have to deal with an increasingly more vicious enemy, look out for IEDs, make sure you're not getting your men killed and win the hearts and minds of the locals. The game is planned to come out in March 2019 into early access, will be available on Itch.io and Steam.


You can take a look at the gameplay trailer on YouTube: Invasion Machine Gameplay Trailer

and read more about it on my website: Invasion Machine Official Website

or join my Discord: https://discord.gg/G4zX63s


PS. I asked the mods if it's OK to post this and was granted permission, as long as I don't spam it all over the place.







Desktop Screenshot 2018.10.16 -

Desktop Screenshot 2018.10.06 -

Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.28 -

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.05 -

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And if anybody's interested, I've just made a very early playable version available on the game's Discord server available.


It's still a pre-alpha, so the gameplay is very rough right now - but nonetheless it's indicative of what the game will eventually become. To get it, you're gonna have to join the Discord server,

which is available here: join open alpha for Invasion Machine here

Desktop Screenshot 2019.05.06 -

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