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      Hi everyone. It appears that the update to the new forum has affected the format of the majority of signatures (adding extra spaces, changing sizes etc.). Due to this, could everyone please check their own signature, ensuring that it complies with the site rules. See the http://www.emergency-planet.com/tos.html/ or http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/16848-acceptable-signature-sizes/ for more information.  We'll give it a few weeks to give enough time to edit signatures, after that the unnecessarily large signatures will simply be removed. Thanks for your cooperation. Regards, EMP Staff.
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New Euro Modding Section

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After years of an emptying European Market, it's now our pleasure to create a new section devoted to just European Modding, as well as announce the appointment of a special moderator for this section.Hello to all!

As a predominately European Game, it's always been a bit strange that we're mostly focused on American Modding. There's an obvious desire to see more European modding from that community, so we as a staff have been working with a well known name to develop just that.

It's my pleasure to welcome and announce Ghost Graphic Designs (aka Ghost) to our staff as head over the European Modding section. This section will be the home to all European based mods. Any preexisting mods will be moved over the next few days that belong in this category.

Ghost will be the main moderator for this area, so any issues within this forum, please contact him first.

Welcome aboard Ghost, and good modding to all!

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