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RSB Simulator 2014 - Emergency 4 [V3 WIP]

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Welcome to the official RSB Simulator/Modification topic!


This modification is a serious project which aims to recreate the emergency services infrastructure of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. The project is focused in Lisbonenses Volunteer Fire Department and Lisbon's Regiment Fire Brigade (professional F.D.), but you also have other services at your disposal (National EMS Institute, Police Department and some other Volunteer Fire Depts. from Lisbon). The mechanics are pretty different than what this community is used to, since I incorporated both several dispatchers (one for each service) and the modified limited water supply script, you can expect a challenging gameplay.



Units at your disposal:

  • Lisbon's Regiment Fire Brigade on-map fire station:


A medium-size fire station which houses the essencial to keep your operational area safe. 2 Ambulances, 2 Fire Engines, 1 Light Pumper, 1 Tanker, 1 Ladder, 1 Logistics Unit and 1 USAR Vehicle.

  • Lisbon's Regiment Fire Brigade off-map fire station:


This station houses some special vehicles that can be useful in large-scale emergencies. 1 Light-Pumper, 1 Engine (the newer MB Atego has firefighters that can change into HAZMAT suits), 1 Fire Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 HAZMAT Unit (which can deploy a tent), 1 Wildland Engine and 1 Brush Unit.

  • Lisbonenses Volunteer FD:


This is the Volunteer FD which I belong to. It's quickly growing since the new commander took over, none of the Volunteer FDs have support from the city hall, so all of the money that we get to buy new equipment comes from our hard work, some organized events and by some people who make some great donations. Only in 2014, we got 2 new Ambulances, 1 Personnel Carrier, 1 Wildland Engine, a Logistics trailer and he's planning on buying what seems to be the first Aerial Ladder in Lisbon that's owned by a Volunteer FD.

This house has lots of vehicles, but you'll only be able to dispatch the 6 Ambulances, 1 Fire Engine, 1 Wildland Engine, 1 Light Pumper, 1 Tanker and the Command Vehicle.

  • Beato Volunteer Fire Department:


This is one of the VFDs which are dispatched off-map. I dare to say that these guys have the worst fire station in Portugal and the conditions in which they work on are pretty crappy. Nevertheless, Beato's firefighters/paramedics are always very professional and they know how work's done. They has the biggest ambulance fleet in the whole city, so they're always very busy with calls.

You can only dispatch 2 of the 7 ambulances they have and a Light Pumper (all off-map).

  • Ajuda Volunteer Fire Department:


The people from this house are absolutely badass, only because they own the only past-German Fire Engine in Lisbon. Despite their conditions and monetary issues, Ajuda has an essencial role in keeping the city safe. Only the Fire Engine and one of their Ambulances will be able to be dispatched (off-map), but their fleet is slighty bigger.

  • Cabo Ruivo Volunteer Fire Department:


Cabo Ruivo has a big fleet of units, but I decided to only make this ambulance because of the siren. It's the only dispatchable unit from this VFD (off-map).

  • Lisboa's Volunteer Fire Department:


Not to be confused with Lisbonenses! I know some of the guys from this house and they're pretty cool. This is the oldest VFD in Lisbon, so it was obligatory to recreate atleast their most famous ambulance; the only one that you'll be able to dispatch (off-map).

  • Campo de Ourique Volunteer Fire Department + São Francisco Xavier Fly-Car:


Because both the VFD and the Hospital are located on the Western side of the city, I decided to keep them together. As you may know, these are dispatched off-map and only serve as backup, like the previous ones.

  • Republican National Guard Intervention Unit:


Despite being part of a Police/Military organization, the GIPS operatives are somewhat compared to special-firefighters. The guys on these two vehicles will be dispatched off-map and are responsible to support the HAZMAT and USAR operations that you'll encounter throughout the gameplay. The bigger vehicle will be able to deploy a decontamination tent (different from the RSB one) and the personnel also has different gear.

  • Public Safety Police:


The police station will have 4 playable units. 2 Cruisers, 1 Personnel Carrier (with some rapid-intervention police officers known as EIR) and 1 Coroner's van (with its own different "GoToHospital" script).

  • St. Joseph's Fly-Car + Hospital:


Also known as Central Lisbon's busiest Hospital, this unrealistic representation seems good enough to handle the victims. The Fly-Car will respond quickly to any serious calls and will be used to check and confirm dead victims (to be transported in the Coroner's van), for realism, mostly.


Default and new missions will be added. Not compatible with multiplayer (at the moment).


Credits will be added to the readme and I'm also currently working on the permissions.



Special thanks:

  • To the guys from the Lisbon's Regiment Fire Brigade 3rd Company for their time and patience to show me the in's and out's of the way how they operate, the station and vehicles.
  • To all of my friends from Lisbonenses VFD, specially the Commander, who's supporting this project since the very beggining.



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Thanks to the following content authors:


NNICO, dnm, ERS Berlin, EmC-Unit, BASTIAN, Dr.Drummer, bass-ti, Hoppah, MikeyPI, David, Stormi, itchboy, Florian Hagen, rettungstier, RD_Saarland, Chidea, Battlemaster, Carman, Flkalley, Iglheaz, Kutzov, Lars112, Mainzibaer, martijntjuh, Nöls/Der Nils, Peacekeaper, Raiden, Razon, Rihis, Silverhawk, Sputnik, Squid, Tobbi92, Wittener, wooder, , Flkalley, emergency-freak, Surroundkeller, klugi, Irlblau, Florian HH, Kai Hahn, Flugzeugfan, FF16FDB, MARCO, Gagar, cops, ModCHA, Saugschlauch, Drummer, Max911, Johannes1996, rgalante, FTW_Modding, Nomex, GerritK., wT', Praips_bla, DrShooter234456, Elementteddy, Geronimo EKIA, Goya, Waegi, Leitstelle-Nord-Ost, Florian Heinsberg, FF-NRÜ, 911Lukas911, Tobbi, alexi96, Stingray, Nomex, Pioneer, Maax, RK-1000, em-modder, Hennefer95, Keano, Sniper, Engine.Co.7, balzolt007, Niederwallufer, Flo. Wesermarsch, NelsonSilve (DebrecenMod), Bayreuther, Werder96, Gandia Mod, Jonathan_S, BlackHunter, MaltaBerlin, FeuHa, Janoschi, Florian B., Abraxas, Niederwallufer, DLK112, BMA, Enterpriese E, carli96, Paddy1995, Freefighter, Florian KO 12/2, Lenni, SMundt, THW Teufel, Wingman, Woltep, Rockstar Games, sNap, FCVP71, HilthOModding, Budapest Mod, gabri1799, Bernt, 112NHN, Hori105, Unikey, Szszot, Bajuszati, MCsabi, Tatra, Aarhus moder, Bernt112, Florian_Sauerland, Beccii92, Jenkyll, skaihof, Blackout, GeRrItK., waldfee, a-rescue, Der Lukas, Firefighter_re, Ionking, Silent Hunter, Heros

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Please, edit the map if you really gona but that base to LA...firestation, policestation..etc..

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yeah well im no expert at Portuguese but isnt this portuguese

Os Para médicos podiam esta melhor ! :huh:

Se quiseres podes usar elementos meus mods e melhorar . basta mandares um pm :verweis:

eu tenho heli feito esta mais ou menos depois deixou aqui foto dele para veres. :excl:

and like i said im no expert but that is definitely not the translation

Very good... keep up the good work

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Where are the authors, DUDES!? :1046276128_motz: Stupid peoples. You are, and the other ignored peoples, would have to you chop off hands with a hatchet!!! Particularly Portugese, Spains, Frenchs, Polands, Netherlands, Slovenes, Slovaks, Czechs, North-Americans, Russians, and many more (with exceptions everywhere). I had hoped that after 7 years after publication of the game, everyone would have understood, but not on every time - unbelievable!!!

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German proverb: "Let the church in the village!"

And what will you saying with your text about a topic where every people on this world knows? Nobody hurried over other people's, particularly of nationalism. And you call me an fascist, tze.

I am going not in the detail for history of your "great" country.

You are proud to a pact when uncle sam say "jump", all partners jumps? :sleep:

And... you play and work with an german fascist game, and the models too - i think you must let the hands off their now!



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This is going insane,what gave both of you right to insult countries just because one didnt had authors mentioned and other is from germany so you went hitler on him,and what portugal did in world war has nothing to do with you or you failing to give credits for models.

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Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Next person to start a fight in here is banned. I'm going to go back through and hand out nice little punishments to all those who don't know how to behave. Play nicely, or go home.

Warnings sent out:

Batisan, I don't know where you went crazy to, but go back there, not here.

Bombeiro, Again, crazy, doesn't go here. If we're really gonna start throwing irrelevant information around, I fly kites twice a week.

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