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    Hmm, seems to be that indeed. I'll try not to look at it
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    Hi! My game crashes when I try to play USSR mod. There doesn't seem to be exact cause- sometimes it crashes 2 seconds after the map has been loaded and sometime it lets me complete 1-2 events and then crashes. Any fix? Tried running as admin, still no progress...
  3. Hmm, didn't see any suitable thread, so i'll just post this chase video here (In the end suspect also hits police car)
  4. To end the US and UK pics ( ), i'll share some from Estonia, all taken by me about 3 weeks ago... Tallinn's FD command bus and it's also used for accommodating evacuated persons (as in this incident) Animal rescue and equipment unit Ladder + main truck Ambulance field commander Ambulance (duh) Fire chiefs and main truck Some older photos:
  5. Well, your English is at least bit wrong, but thats ok Anyway, i'm also an Estonian and if you're interested then i can help with translation. I'm currently official translator at Wargaming WG and doing ENG-EST translating for game called World of Tanks. So if you think you need help, just let me know through PM PS. I'm still waiting for some Estonians who have skills to make our own mod
  6. Very good mod But there are some things to change: 1. When vehicles go back to base, they move way too slowly. 2. Sometimes fires go out by themselves (Firetruck is too slow to make it there ) 3. Human AI is dumb: they dont move away from fires and just die in smoke, unless some policeman will direct them away (and also gets injured). This happened behind the Brandenburg gates where are bushes and people standing around it... 4. Although my PC is quite powerful, it still gets a bit laggy at nights. Thats my opinion
  7. Hi, if you need some new pictures of ambulances, then you can get these from here: http://www.silwi.com/?a=page&page=47fa24bc71ce233dc80c (Silwi is an Estonian company what has also made Finnish ambulance vehicles) Great mod btw, cant wait until release
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