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  1. Hey If you want to reskin the rescue in the nyc mod, to make it like squad 4. or like LAFD USAR 5
  2. People like having a variety of vehicles to choose from, Although some of the units overlap and have the same use and equiptment, i believe many people still enjoy having a large variety of units to choose from for emergency incidents. There are a few vehicles that I think would add realism and enjoyment in the mod. Here are some ideas: 1. Satelite Truck (would have the same traits as the LAFD foam Tender and could produce more gpms on larger fires) Have minimum equipment (axe and extinguisher) 2. TSU (Tactical Support Unit) Support truck for the mod, would carry hand tools, no hoses, also could carry an addition boat and flood lights that are carried in the mechanic vehicle for scene lighting and support as well as traffic cones and flares for incidents where units may be on scene for a while. also could direct traffic 3. Field Com. (Could be used in mod as a battalion chief, but instead of calling just units in the station, it could call all fire and ems units in the mod, could be used in larger incidents where other units may be needed. 4. Fleet Maintaince Unit, Same at the mechanic unit but part of the fire department, could be used in large fires where fire units could be damaged, would have an emergency response to incidents to fix units on scene, would have a firefighter mechanic that could withstand heat and not get burned while repairing units in the hot zone. (carry cones, barricades, flares, and extinguisher) 5. BFU 160, would be used in the mod to transport firefighters through brush and narrow ares, would not have a pump, but a saw and axe for cutting a break in a fire. Would be used like the dozer in the la mod 6. BFU (Brush Fire Unit) Could be used to fight brush fires, no deck gun, carry 2-3 firefighters and would be able to travel on almost all teraine to fight large woods and brush fires. 7. New Seagrave M2 Engine (about 1/3 of fdny engines are the m2) This is the new engine for the fdny. Would not replace current engine in mod but would be an additional for people who want a more up to date recource 8. Tower Ladder, Would be able to be deployed to a window for access into second story and provide a master stream during large fires. 9. Marine 1 Alpha (A smaller fire boat that would have a quicker response time than the larger fire boat, it would have a deck gun that would be equivelent to the ones on the engine as far as range and power, could go to smaller fire on the shore and also have the capability of rescuing victims. Although many of these are not needed to complete the missions and calls in the mod, it would add more realism and allow players to have a more interactive and enjoyable game. Thanks Oh and if anyone knows how to shrink the images, let me know. Please only reply if its about the post, not the pictures. I do not know how to reduce the size, i also dont want a warning(: Mike
  3. Well yeah, i have done that, i want to keep the new engines and ambos, and get the old engines also. So there would be the old reserve, als engine, and bls engine
  4. Is there a way that i can have the new and old units, or maybe just the new and old fire trucks? If so, how do i do it?
  5. Figured out how to make these, thought i would share them with you all Siren03.wav Siren01.wav Siren02.wav Siren01.wav Siren05.wav
  6. Thanks, also how do i make it mono cause i am making more?
  7. Hey guys, I created a new siren, i really wanna put it in game, i already made it a wav file like the other sirens. It wont play, what do i have to do to get it to work? Oh and i named it siren01 so i have everything correct, am i missing something?? thanks gooh.wav named it gooh just so i knew what one it was until i got it working FYI
  8. wow, its the same, im not stupid buddy.
  9. NY mod team, i was wondering if you could fix the rims on the ambulance, they are not really realistic. Here is an example of what they should look like,
  10. I didnt back up my em4 maps before i edited them, can someone post the freeplay emergency 4 maps on the site so i can download them? Thanks, Mike
  11. WHO CARES IF THEY ARE LED OR HALOGEN! Geeezze! I dont see this mod ever getting finished, the progress recently has been little to nothing. All it is, is small things, nothing that really makes progress to the release of the mod. Yeah, there units are awesome, but most modders can do that and make people no problem, but I have yet to see any map or major updates, even thought there are alot of cool things, i dont see it coming together for a loooonnnnngggg freakin time. (1-2 years at least) Mike
  12. Awesome, At least you can distinguish the AMERICANS and REPUBLICANS on the forum. Keep up the great work on the mod, hope everything can come together quick!
  13. This has nothing to do with you or any of you! Every time he goes off topic, ignore it, every time you reply he will keep doing it, Damn its nice to see everyone one here is growing up. That comment has nothing to do with you and is also off topic! Everyone on this site with the exception of a few are freaking kindergardeners! Surprised EM4 and 911 FR are not rated "E" because we have children of all ages here, i think 8-12 right!!!!! Signed: AKA: "FDNYRes1cue" hmm," isnt that the guy who got all mad?" Yea thats me! Grow up everyone, this is a video game forum! Please warn me, it will just prove to me and others that you are a little kid! I haven't commented on this site in about 7 months, ( I may have said keep up the good work) ok, so, looks like I have grown up, "YOUR TURN GUYS"
  14. As awesome as this mod looks, By the time it comes out, my kids will be playing it and I will be going to work. I dont even have a wife yet, let alone kids! haha, keep up the good work, looking forward to a big update. Mike
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