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  1. Hands down one of my favorite mods out right now. The map is beautiful. Well done!
  2. Just a quick scenario I threw together. Make sure it's on HD.
  3. It may just be my computer, I'll double check it. Thanks for the suggestion too.
  4. Not sure if it's just me, or who can help, but is there a way to "dim" the models? For me, the white on the RCMP cruisers is a little too bright and well, it's hard to see the lights on the emergency vehicles. Cheers.
  5. I couldn't agree more. I honestly couldn't. I'm working as a paramedic. Some will know, when you're a starting paramedic you're pushed out into the rural areas of B.C, not the major cities. Rural enough to the point where it could take us up to 1 hour to get to a call. Having no care in that time can be fatal. Train RCMP at EMR or OFA 3 levels. They're not hard to courses to take and you can learn a lot from it.
  6. Not a problem. Unfortunate set back but these things happen. Take your time.
  7. For the CVSE tahoe, change the wheels to black, and add a light-bar. Other wise I like it. I don't think I've ever seen a slick top CVSE tahoe before. - Although, it would be nice looking. I really like the F-150 too!
  8. Loved the video. Honestly cannot wait.
  9. Looks great! Just for a heads up, if you're speaking in a different language make sure to have an English translation. Not sure if it's still a rule around here, but I do remember seeing several people get asked to do so by mods a few years back. I understand if English isn't your first language!
  10. Beautiful! - The map, obviously in early stages? The layout looks brilliant too.
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