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  1. many thanks for your reply, got it now, thank you
  2. hi, i have seen some in game play of version 7, can someone please put up a download link for this please. the link on their website is broken
  3. hi, i downloaded this mod, i have got the fire fighters and fire engines out of their stations to a fire, now the fire is out, how do i get the fire engine to go back and park in the fire station?
  4. Hi, I have a sketch up 7 model, does anyone know if I can convert it to .3ds? This is a model I gave downloaded from 3d warehouse. I have never used sketch up before. Could someone please advise. Is sketch up free to use or do you have to pay for subscription? How easy is it to convert? Thanks
  5. Can anyone animate a model for me? I have a prime mover (wlf) model. I would like some help to animate the hydraulic arm that pulls the container (pod) on to the model. Can anyone help? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the message. That answers my question.
  7. Hi, done anyone know how I can rescale a model that has animations and keep those animations working once it has been rescaled?
  8. hi all, got a new laptop the other day and i am having some problems. when i run the game it appears on the screen in 800x600 format. my computer screen resolution is 1366x x768. the game displays all the way from top to bottom, but not from left to right. can anyone give me a bit of help how to correct this. i have tried going into the cfg file and manually setting the res but it displays the same. any help would be greatfully recieved many thanks
  9. hi i notice in screen shot 7 there looks to be an hvpu. what purpose will this serve in the mod? thanks
  10. thanks got the reply mate, unfortunatly this did not work. i will zip the scripts up and send them here pete
  11. or if anyone else knows how to add the door action in to the attach hose script ? hoppah or any one help me please
  12. hi hoppah i have a attach fire hose script that opens the rear doors of my fire engine when you connect a hose. at the end of the script there are the open door parts. where should i put this in the limited water supply script? object AttachFireHose : CommandScript { AttachFireHose() { SetValidTargets(ACTOR_OBJECT | ACTOR_VEHICLE); SetGroupID(CGROUP_FIREHOSE); SetGroupLeader(true); SetPossibleCallers(ACTOR_PERSON); SetPossibleEquipment(EQUIP_FIREHOSE); SetPossibleExists(CPE_FREE_HOSE_CONNECTION); SetNeedsConnectedHose(CFN_FAIL); SetRestrictions2(RESTRICT2_ISHYDRANT); SetPriority(220); } /*bool CheckPossible(GameObject *Caller) { if(!Caller->IsValid() || Caller->GetType() != ACTOR_PERSON) return false; return Caller->GetFirehoseID() == 0 && Caller->GetEquipment()==EQUIP_FIREHOSE && Game::ExistsFreeHoseConnection(); }*/ bool CheckGroupVisibility(GameObject *Caller) { if(!Caller->IsValid() || Caller->GetType() != ACTOR_PERSON) return false; return Caller->GetFirehoseID() == 0; } bool CheckTarget(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int childID) { if(!Caller->IsValid() || !Target->IsValid() || (Caller->GetID()==Target->GetID())) return false; if(Caller->GetFirehoseID()) return false; if(Caller->GetType()!=ACTOR_PERSON) return false; Person c(Caller); if (c.GetEnteredCarID() != -1) return false; if(Caller->GetEquipment()==EQUIP_FIREHOSE) { if(Target->GetType() == ACTOR_OBJECT) { GameObject obj(Target); if(obj.IsHydrant() && !obj.IsHydrantInUse()) return true; return false; } else if(Target->GetType() == ACTOR_VEHICLE) { Vehicle v(Target); if(v.GetVehicleType() == VT_FIREFIGHTERS_GTF && v.GetEnergy() > 0.1f * v.GetMaxEnergy() && v.IsConnectorFree()) return true; return false; } } return false; } void PushActions(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int childID) { Caller->PushActionMove(ACTION_NEWLIST, Target, TARGET_FREE_CONNECTOR); if (Target->GetType() == ACTOR_VEHICLE) Caller->PushActionCheckFreeConnector(ACTION_APPEND, Target); Caller->PushActionUseEquipment(ACTION_APPEND, Target, childID, 1.0f); if (Target->GetType() == ACTOR_VEHICLE) { Vehicle v(Target); if (v.HasCommand("Cidea")) { v.EnableBlinker(BLT_BOTH); Game::ExecuteCommand("DUMMYOpenDoor1", &v, &v); Game::ExecuteCommand("DUMMYOpenDoor2", &v, &v); } } } };
  13. eyespy900

    essex mod news

    it is still in progress
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