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  1. The old version's traffic issues are easily solved by redirecting vehicles at vehicle spawn points and removing the stuck ones.
  2. "Monida Pass Public Works" would fit in well on the door panels of the truck. A halogen light bar and strobe headlights would fit, too.
  3. Technical rescues in a rural area could include things like the do-it-yourself guy who gets trapped under a car that he's working on or a construction worker getting trapped in or under something. Possibly something minor like a kid with his head stuck or something very major like a kid trapped in an abandoned mine shaft.
  4. There should at least be curtains around the beds if they're not put in separate rooms, in all the ER's where I live there are separate rooms for each bed. Some sort of a computer terminal would be a nice touch, even the smallest clinics around here have switched to computer based records instead of paper. Cabinets on the wall holding medical supplies and such, they typical needle disposal containers like you see in doctor's offices. I don't know if you're going for a modern look or more of a rustic cabin looking clinic, but to keep up with the small town feel, the outside could look like a log cabin but the inside filled with all the modern necessities.
  5. Carolina's Medical Center (now Atrium Health) operate the only medflight in my area. There is a CMC hospital here in my county, Stanly County, but if a Medflight Helicopter comes out here, it hardly ever takes an injured person to the hospital in my county, they'll fly the person back to Mecklenburg County, almost an hour drive away. If the person is in the hospital here, but they need better care, an ALS Ambulance will come from Mecklenburg county and take them to the hospital there or the helicopter will do it.
  6. So if the quint has a pump panel will it have four hose connections just like engines?
  7. Why are mods dying?

    I notice, as time goes on, that mods are starting to die out. One of my favorite mods, the Montana Mod, was left by the founder of the mod. Control of the mod was taken over by the co-founder. This is because the founder aged out, got a job, and was no longer able to create content. This game was released 11, almost 12 years ago. so many of the 8-12 year olds that had their parents purchase this game or bought it with their allowance are at least 20 years old now. So much of the fan base for this game has grown out of it, or just doesn't have time anymore. This game is such a niche game to start with, and now people who once loved this game are aging out. I, now 16 years old, 17 in January, find this game much more fun to play now that I understand the complexity of this game. The time management, the multitasking involved. The more I look into mods the more intrigued I get, craving the greater complexity that comes with mods like the Montana Mod, which pitch you into a rural/ small town setting. Or like the Mayberry mod, where fires spread much faster than in vanilla 911FR. I see so many mods now that are either works in progress or haven't been updated in 4 years. As I search for new games, like 911 Operator, I find myself coming right back to this forum, just searching for a new mod. Hoping to find the mod I fell in love with, the Montana mod, with some sort of open to the public version; possibly even a post that reads "This mod is close to being finished, we plan to release it xx/xx/xxxx. There's nobody new to this game, as the only place you can get it is to download it from amazon. Our last hope is the people like Itchboy, who continue to tirelessly work towards a new, complex modification for the masterpiece that is Emergency 4.
  8. There probably isn't one they'll give you. The last version was removed due to instability. A new one hasn't been released since they took the old one down in January.
  9. Maybe I'll get banned from this topic for this, but I've been following this topic for 3 months, I have 8 posts, and all of those are on this topic. I am really in love with this mod because it relates to where I live and the small town feel which I love. In three months I have posted 8 times hoping for some sorta response, but of course, 6 out of 8 I haven't got any sort of response. One of those times I was told off because the question I asked had already been answered, answered once in 138 pages. The second time I posted a list of bugs which I knew about, and probably have been fixed but the progress on this is so slow that I wouldn't know. Then I posted again because I just read something posted by a moderator that said the mod owner (Itchboy in this case) should update the first post of the topic so people who are new to it know progress so far, so I asked for the first post to be updated (which hasn't happened in 2 years). I love the new innovative stuff like the water drafting feature and the PA speaker on the police car but are we really focusing on what we need to? The people who follow this topic? The people who STILL play this game because of mods like this? The very people who keep this site going? Or are you going to keep this mod out of our hands until you think it's perfect, and then we can find the bugs you missed?
  10. I have an early version of the mod where the HUD map is still the LA Mod map and vehicles will stop in random places and cause mile long traffic jams. Helicopters simply won't spawn when called in, and more often then not, a fire engine will break and be rendered useless. Can you update your first post to tell about the progress so far?
  11. Will the map will still be the original Montana Mod map?
  12. My bad I didn't see it because I haven't been following this topic long
  13. Will there be a tanker at the station in this mod or will it have to be called from off the map?
  14. Normally POV's don't run sirens, I know the ones from my department don't but it may be different up there.
  15. I could never mod but this seems like the kind of mod that I would make. Keep up the good work my friend.