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  1. Most EOD outside London is done through RLC, not RAF.
  2. I know it's been a while since OP posted on this, but I love the look of this! I hope it's still being worked on.
  3. I know C# and C++, if you were after some help.
  4. The map bugs near the police station for me - trying to send any units over the bridge confuses them greatly.
  5. ...so I now have to come back here every day for the next month to check?!? Goddammit TACRfan XD On a more serious note, YAY! Great work TACR, I can't wait!
  6. Congrats on becoming a mod, Pottyscotty! I didn't know you were haha! Is there a way to easily disable it? I don't particularly like the AFAs, it's probably just me, but I know around where I am (London) we don't tend to have autocall fire alarms because LFB is so short-staffed.
  7. We're not allowed to ask for release dates... =P (that's sarcasm by the way, I'm not actually asking for a release date, mods please don't ban me lol) What would you say is your favourite feature of the new version?
  8. Sorry for bumping a very old thread, but I can't get the 1.1 download to work. It gives an archive error when trying to unpack - I think the download is corrupt. Anyone have a solution? @bma
  9. Can't wait! This looks AMAZING. If you want some screenshots done or edited, you know where to go TACRfan ;-)
  10. Awesome, ta! Other than that it's a fantastic mod =D Would love to see return to station included, but I know that's very difficult to do. Huge props to you for making it so awesome!
  11. Haha, no worries! Thanks too, I love making them => I don't know if this is to do with you or whether it's just the game, but it feels like the fires in the airport terminal are a bit unrealistic. Several times I've had the "random fire" event in there, and it's just been a bush on fire, but by the time my engine responds BAM! the whole airport is ablaze and everyone is dead. I feel like that should at least account for a sprinkler system or something, no?
  12. Hmm, okay. That's annoying. I'm surprised IPS has a hole as big as that :/
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