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  1. These look really good, nice job!
  2. Disappointing as I'd been looking forward to playing this, but good luck nonetheless!
  3. Great work, alexCNP! Do you plan to find the credits, or is it going to stay a private mod? Very nice either way http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  4. Most EOD outside London is done through RLC, not RAF.
  5. I know it's been a while since OP posted on this, but I love the look of this! I hope it's still being worked on.
  6. I know C# and C++, if you were after some help.
  7. The map bugs near the police station for me - trying to send any units over the bridge confuses them greatly.
  8. ...so I now have to come back here every day for the next month to check?!? Goddammit TACRfan XD On a more serious note, YAY! Great work TACR, I can't wait!
  9. Congrats on becoming a mod, Pottyscotty! I didn't know you were haha! Is there a way to easily disable it? I don't particularly like the AFAs, it's probably just me, but I know around where I am (London) we don't tend to have autocall fire alarms because LFB is so short-staffed.
  10. We're not allowed to ask for release dates... =P (that's sarcasm by the way, I'm not actually asking for a release date, mods please don't ban me lol) What would you say is your favourite feature of the new version?
  11. Sorry for bumping a very old thread, but I can't get the 1.1 download to work. It gives an archive error when trying to unpack - I think the download is corrupt. Anyone have a solution? @bma
  12. Can't wait! This looks AMAZING. If you want some screenshots done or edited, you know where to go TACRfan ;-)
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