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  1. There's been a big change from the older Ford Explorers to the newer ones. But I can't seem find them anywhere for EM4. anyone know where to find one?
  2. Thanks bud. Did they make any changes to it (improvements, patches, fixes) since the Gamefly version?
  3. My digital key was no longer working. So I went to the site where I purchased (Gamefly) and now they say that they're closed. They refer you to Direct2Drive but I can't seem to find the game EM4 FR911. Any suggestions????
  4. Oh wait. Got it now. The problem with two many legacy games and really recent one.
  5. I think I spoke too soon. I tried launching it after the installation and the same thing happened. The installation looked like it went successfully. But unsure what else to do now....
  6. Thank you for doing this MikeyPI - appreciate you considering this as an issue and coming up with a solution that'll work for others.
  7. Sure it does. But then if you run other games (which most of us do), they have later versions of DX installed.
  8. I have Windows 8.1. And when I launch EM4, nothing happens. Are there any tweaks or settings to apply for to work??
  9. At least that's what passes for real world here in the US.
  10. heyjoojoo

    La mod

    I think it's pretty early for the question. Lol.
  11. Yeah, I would like too as well. Did they ever officially release a tutorial or was it just those of us here in this forum?
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