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  1. Hi SoR Bound. Goog will give you updates when they are available. I don't mean any disrespect for speaking on his behalf, but as a heads up, his upgraded mod is not ready yet. Please be advised that asking for release date is not permitted.
  2. Hi Goog. If I may ask out of curiosity, do you have any new photos of the newest vehicles you are working on? Just to tease us a little bit...All those units are beyond amazing.
  3. Hi SoR Bound...Asking for release date is against the site rules..ItchBoy pointed that out few comments above if you didn't get a chance to check it out.
  4. Awesome job C.D.F.....waiting patiently for the the finished mod to come out☺..Greetings from Southern California. Pardon..I screwed up..C.F.D....stupid auto correct.
  5. Hi Guys...I have a question regarding a bug in L.A. Mod version 3.1.5.......When I downloaded the game and started it, it shows the Ladder Truck parked sideways against one of the engines and the rescue truck....is there anyway to fix this problem? Or should I just delete the Ladder Truck from the game and then put it back into the game, and hope it fixes the problem? If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. Will greatly appreciate it. Thank for your time.
  6. Hi Guys. Does anyone have the classic version, German Edition of Emergency 4. If so, does anyone know what the cheat code word is so I can add more money onto free play game. Tried the word "magic", "fairy", and "fairz" but none of them seem to work. Can someone please help???...Thanks a bunch.
  7. Hi guys..I seem to have run into the same problem too. I also purchased the German Edition of Emergency 4. The classic version, and I have no clue what the cheat code word is for it. Can anyone help???
  8. My apology Squad 65. I thought you were part of the team working on this mod. I missed the part where it showed that Goog was working on it.
  9. Hi Joker. The mod is still being worked on by CDF and Squad 65. No official date was given when it will be ready. Just a reminder...Do not ask for the release date. It's against the rules.
  10. That would be an awesome Christmas Gift to all your fans CFD if you could complete it by then. But don't rush. Your own personal life comes first.
  11. Hi Gabriel. The creators of this mod mentioned that it will be released most likely either at the end of this month or probably at the end of next month..if you look at one of the posts in August it clearly said that they will need at least 1 to 2 extra months to complete the whole mod. But it may take longer depending on their life schedule.
  12. That's too bad that you're keeping it private. Looks awesome tho. I hope that one day you will change your mind and share your mod with the rest of us.(Hopefully)
  13. No worries. Was just curious what other vehicles you guys were planning on updating. Whenever you are ready to release that will be the day.
  14. Is it safe for me to ask what other vehicles are being worked on at the moment..ex: utility,paramedics.
  15. All I gotta say is all these new units are absolutely gorgeous...You guys are amazing.
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