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  1. Thanks guys for the 411...Will download the software or purchase it and start messing with it. Last question..Where do you get the Los Angeles skins from? I know models you do yourselves. But then you add the LA lettering and decals. If I can get all that in then I could be adding vehicles not mentioned in some of the mods.
  2. Ahh, cool deal. I gotta look into how I can get involved in creating new vehicles. Which software app to use to do exactly what you Goog and Itchboy are doing. I could probably add more vehicles and features to some of your mods.
  3. Hi Goog. Not sure if I am allowed to ask this, but I was just curious what other fire units and police units are you finishing up? ( I am sure you are probably gonna post pics of the units once they are done. )
  4. You're the boss of this mod Goog. We all will love it regardless. That was just a small suggestion.
  5. Why not just make one EMS supervisor and one Battalion Chief. You are using the same vehicle model, right???
  6. Speaking of helicopters, it would be great to see water dropping helicopters in the mod for forest fire operations.
  7. Those are gonna look awesome. Once again...Incredible work and dedication to detail Goog. Huge Congrats.
  8. I was hoping for a LAFD and LAPD mobile command center. And a CHP commercial vehicle inspection unit. And a accident reconstruction/investigation unit. But that's asking for too much.
  9. These vehicles are beyond amazing Goog. I am lost for words. One small favor to ask you if I may. If you have time on your hands in the near future, would you be willing to include the new Ford Explorer Border Patrol vehicle? And a arson investigation truck to the LAFD division? Just asking, cause I am sure you gotta deal with real life stuff as well.
  10. Cool deal. And I too want to congratulate you and your team on your excellent work on this mod. Looking forward to playing it whenever it is officially released to the public.
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