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  1. Hello all, At this rate, work is slowed from my end due to me having Finals and other commitments at this time. I plan to once again pickup progress of my side of things (Lightning, being the middleman, and various other things). I do not have an ETA or % complete as of yet, but I will soon. Thank you all for your continued support and patience that you have given us. It really helps. THD
  2. My vote goes to the new one, mainly because it is new. I think that (Unless for scale purposes) you should add a larger, more fire-fighting and multitask boat, like this one: http://www.capecodfd.com/PAGES%20Special/Fireboats_FDNY_04_New-M1.htm Also, incase you haven't came across this site yet, They have pictures of almost, if not every, Boat in the FDNY's current and old fleet.
  3. Hello all, Just a small update from me and the progress. We are moving into then next step of finishing it and we are consistently working on finishing it. As I do not have much to give to you now, as I want to keep at least some features of the mod a surprise for now... Anyways, Here is a Very short video, showing what we have so far:
  4. It's going. We are currently in a animation/finishing up last models phase. From there all that is left is lighting and testing. No estimate as of yet, but we will have a preview for something new in the weekend. Glad you are looking forward to it! I also like the idea of a small town like this, as is why we are working on it!
  5. As he said, remove light radiation. For some people, that is the root of lag.
  6. There is a script where you can just keep running and never have to place one down.
  7. I see them on all But one of the Fire Trucks, and only only a few of the Police cars, that is why i mentioned it.
  8. In California at least, pretty sure there are other states. I know over here in NY, no.
  9. Love the lights, they are awesome. Only one thing: All emergency service cars/trucks etc are supposed to have 1 or more red forward facing steady-burn. If you want to keep it like that, fine doesn't change the amazing quality of the lights. It's just that realism touch.
  10. Not to be difficult, but (assuming the DL link on main page is current) When i try to download it, it puts me through a loop of, basically virus-installing programs that if you "Download now, it will make your download experience better" crap. Just saying that in future releases, could you upload it to a secondary source, Thanks. Great new LA Mod by the looks of it.
  11. What you can do is disable that in the settings. That is a game thing, not a mod thing.
  12. As I said in my post, I cannot see how those are very helpful, they don't cover the front of your face like a hat, or the back of your neck. I think american helmets are the top of the top, then again, I'm a bit biased
  13. In that case it is likely your base game. You likely have to re-install that.
  14. As I said, did you re-install the whole thing.
  15. Re-install the mod completely and 1.5.1 was only a patch for 1.5, not a whole new mod.
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