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  1. LSPDFR #18 - Chips: https://Not permittedr443tKDZtd via @YouTube

  2. RT @Shubbabang: https://Not permittedNXEKiG3zXd

  3. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod

    V0.7(WIP) 'WASD' keys useable. Some details. Bug fixes. Campaigne Missions get stations! : D (Except for vanilla mission 1-2, 5, 10-14, 17, 20 & LA Mission 7) Finally some uncopyrighted background music. Main Background Music: 1-https://youtu.be/0iKBT9LRFPo [Speed Chase - Alex Lisi] 2-https://youtu.be/vxw52mmldcg [The Chase] 3-https://youtu.be/QcDUL59CJUw [Police - Spraynpray] 4-https://youtu.be/AXNo8Bw_EsU [Stop Police] 5-https://youtu.be/ujsCRw-eA0o [Run - Ross Bugden] 6-https://youtu.be/3pZdZiPnsGs [Drive - Ross Bugden] Action Music: A1-https://youtu.be/UcXQ3qcYLuU [Drednough - 95TurboSol] A2-https://youtu.be/c0K9hwff85k [Final Stand - 95TurboSol] A3-https://youtu.be/Bgdb0TJRKoA [La Feyette - 95TurboSol] A4-https://youtu.be/qRFOayt0QYc [License To Kill - 95TurboSol] A5-https://youtu.be/ChGgfs-zXBc [Minefield - 95TurboSol] A6-https://youtu.be/Lh77am_1BlQ [Prism - 95TurboSol] A7-https://youtu.be/RboHvTa7kQQ [The Forbidding - 95TurboSol] A8-https://youtu.be/xJwMSpLmLMQ [Unmasked - 95TurboSol] V0.7 images: https://imgur.com/a/LemCS
  4. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod

    I tried looking up how to make 'parking spaces' but I was kinda fed up of reading everything so I just didn't bother xD. If there would be a video tutorial it would've been better, thanks though!
  5. RT @ExanoTheDwagon: Just a derg going through your feed scrollin' https://Not permitted0rVGUva6ce

  6. @SlinkyFoggo rip whats this

  7. There's a thing called google? But in case you didn't know that edit your freeplayparameters
  8. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    This is one of those amazing em4 mods, keep up the good work!
  9. How do you install mods?

    welp looks like im just blind af lmao
  10. How do you install mods?

    any screenshots? Thanks.
  11. So the website wrote that I should drag the zip file into the modification option, I don't know if I am just blind af or what, but I can't seem to find it, can someone send me a picture of it? Thanks
  12. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod

    Sorry for the late release, here's the link http://www.mediafire.com/file/2slx9qq94p09e6c/Better_LA_Mod_0.6.zip
  13. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod

    Sorry about that I have completely forgotten that I didn't release 0.6 yet, I'll upload it soon
  14. Username Change?