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  1. Amazing lighting work, the apparatuses look spectacular!
  2. I was wondering if there's a value I can edit to make nights darker, I personally like having Emergency Lights light-up the night, as it adds realism. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I'm not really sure if it's do-able or modifiable.
  3. Go ahead and navigate to your main EM4/911:FR Directory. Once there, find a file named "em4.cfg", it'll be the only file with File Type "CFG File". Once in there, do the following; Check your current resolution via googling a screen resolution site or checking control management. (if you already know it, then skip this) With em4.cfg open. look for these two lines <var name="r_xres" value="1920" /> <var name="r_yres" value="1080" /> This controls the resolution of EM4/911:FR and will modify the resolution to what you set, but if you set it wrong, you will crash to desktop after running it, so set it right.
  4. +1 ; I've been trying to find a copy for months.
  5. Rome wasn't built in a day, they're perfecting it more, just be patient. I actually like the ladder trucks lighting package from the picture shown, looks real old-school, love it.
  6. Rome wasn't built in a day, This mod is the pure image of taking the time to perfect a modification because they want the mod to represent their skills & abilities perfectly. Even after so many years of watching the modification grow and expand, It'll be just like opening a Christmas present a day before no matter how long.
  7. I suppose it would work if you set it to 0
  8. If you don't want to do it via the configurator, you can do it manually by editing your em4.cfg file in the main EM4 Directory. Lines 172-173 are responsible for stating resolution. <var name="r_xres" value="1920" /> <var name="r_yres" value="1080" /> change to your screen resolution, if you do not have it correct it will most-likely crash you upon start of EM4.
  9. I believe either 1 or 0 would work, if not, it's a simple variable change nothing major.
  10. You can find the script responsible for Limited Water Supply in \Scripts\Game\Command\ named WaterSupplyFreeplay.script . I do not believe there is a actual option to disable it in the script, but if you do edit the top 18 lines you can basically disable it without actually disabling it. Lines 6 through 10 are responsible for defining the amount of gallons on each apparatus (the more, the better), You can set this to any number you'd wish to not require refilling as much or at all. Lines 12 through 15 are responsible for defining the amount of water taken per object/equipment for time used, if you modify the number to 1 per each, it will only remove 1 gallon per second or so per use on that equipment. Lines 17 is a main key to change, as you can refill 1500 gallons in 1 second if you change it to that specific number. Setting this to around 9000 to a high number will have your trucks refill rapidly thus removing most aspects of limited water supply.
  11. Use http://copenhagen-mod.dk/ny-download/
  12. squad55.com, you MUST create a FREE account to gain access to the Downloads section.
  13. You can't save Challenge freeplay (Fire/EMS/Police version) if you want, I can modify you a .xml to change Fire/Police/EMS to the savable version.
  14. RTS Bieberfelde and Bieberfelde Multiplayer Modification are completely different modifications, and as-far as I am aware, RTS Bieberfelde does not have a English version.
  15. It's impossible to convert the model into their system, the game doesn't appear to work in any way like Blender/v3os.
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