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  1. Is this part of Squad 55 or completely spearate?
  2. Our main stations here have an Engine, Tanker, Brush and IC, and the CSEPP trailer. My VFD has an Engine, Tanker, Brush and Hazmat. I have pics if you want them Also here we don't use house sirens. Every volie carries an 800 mHz radio and we get dispatched over the county's dispatch channel.
  3. What about having 1 lane of traffic flowing and the others static?
  4. If you don't mind a suggestion, and I know it would mean alot of scripting, but what if you make the siren change by clicking a different switch instead of it automatically changing.
  5. Hey, I love both of your ideas! I would have one suggestion though, for the MMORPG, give players a way to expand themselves. i.e. you start out as a Volunteer firefighter with 0 experiance, as they do jos around the fire house and answer emergencies, they build 2 types of points, promotion points and training points. Then may be have a menu you can pull up with specialties of their career. (If you're an VFF, you can choose from EMS, Hazmat, rescue subspecalities and of course FF. If you're PD, Swat, Bomb Squad, Piloting, Tactical EMS) Then you'd have to build you're career using the training points to get new gear availible to you. You wouldn't have access to all of the trainings all at once, you'd have to unlock them. Like you could get to Paramedic without taking the EMT option and doing 10 medical emergencies. Then once you get enough promotion points, you get offered a promotion, you could accept it or not. In order to get certain promotions though, you'd have to take certain trainings. i.e. You can't be an EMS Lt. without being a paramedic, or you can'r be the rescue lt. with out having all the rescue training. But if you accept it, you wouldn't be able to access any of the lower levels of training. (So if an FF becomes a Lt. they wouldn't be able to go back to get Hazmat awareness) But you'd have new training levels, like ICS, Wildland Fire command, Structural fire command... Maybe the trainings could trigger a "run" were you would training with the new equipment in game.
  6. Are you going to change the stations to reflect the trucks that at normally in the area. i.e. Ladder 10, Engine 10, Egine 7, Lader 1, battalion 1?
  7. I would highly recommend paramedic, just cause that's what I do. However, I highly recommend a Junior FF or Explorer Program for both the Police and Fire/EMS side. If you want to look for an explorer post here's a link: exploring.learningforlife.org That web site will tell you what exploring is all about and let you find posts near you if you are interested.
  8. NYPD has ESU's headquarters on Floyd Bennett Field, in Brooklyn. This is where NYPD houses the Aviation Unit, The Dive team training center, and the training academy for the ESU.
  9. USCG rescue swimmers are trained paramedics, as of 2010, AST's who went through prior to that are only EMTs till they go to 'C' school.
  10. Will the Helo script be added in the patch or will we have to wait for V2?
  11. What in the game is the use for the squad? I know that in real life the squad is pretty much an Engine in its district, and a truck outside its district, but I also know that it is suposed to carry all the rescue tools, and hazmat gear, but obviously the all in one function doesn't fit with making the game more difficult.
  12. Will you be adding the drop diver command to the USCG Helo?
  13. There are at least 5, but I think more than 10 VFD's that service the NYC area. They can be found here
  14. Just an other suggestion, For realism's sake you might want to change the trucks from Ladder 16, Engine 10 and Batt. 45 to Ladder 1 Engine 7 and Batt. 1 which are all stationed together in real life. Ladder 16 is on the Upper east side, E 10 is across the street from Ground Zero, and Batt 45 is in Queens.
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