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    Police vehicles of the World,Money of the World,Manga,Anime,Modding for NFS HighStakes (I'm the deputy chief at NFS Police H.Q.) Emergency 4.

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  1. Yes indeed ..And thanks to a fellow named Yevgeny (nickname Veg) who made a patch for the game to tweak it models perviously out of reach now can be played, He killed the poly limit in the game or made it insanely high if not totally killing it, That 1958 Wartburg is 18246 polies , For some of these cars you need that patch to play with them or the game will certainly crash after loading.
  2. Years ago I couldn't help but notice the abundance of ColdWar East Bloc vehicles floating around from various sites for various games that would work in N.F.S. HighStakes and also the handful that was made for N.F.S. HighStakes already.. Years ago after Noise on NFS Addons mentioned how it would be neat to have a ColdWar mod using these I have compiled over 5 years research and talked to the various Former VoPos and other former East Bloc citizens I have met in a collector's forum I'm a member of and also met some on YouTube..After my countless conversations and research to accurately make the police and civillian vehicles as accurate as the game alloows..I Present to you the N.F.S. HighStakes ColdWar Mod (started in mid 2011 and still continuing) When ever possible NO detail has been spared or left untouched in the police officers driving the police vehicles for each country in the mod. I have attempted to build the most comprehensive force to pursue you the player starting with old to what was the norm by 1980's. D.D.R. VolksPolizei starting with 1950's and working to late 1980's. Police Station: 1958 Wartburg 312 (I also have a station wagon (Kombi) of this in the works. The credits for this base car go to whoever built the Mafia Ikarus Mod (No READ.Me in it so I don't know who) 1959 Volga M21 (Purchased along with the M22 (Station Wagon) from TurboSquid Lada 2107 VolksVerkehrsPolizei: Lada 2101 Zhiguli multi pursuit (thanks to Franknfurter for multible textures: Lada 2106 VolksPolizei (base vehicle is Arman's from NFS Cars: Lada 212 Niva VolksPolizei (1982) Volga M24 Soviet Militia GAI unit.: Lada 2101 Zhiguli Soviet Militia GAI unit: Polski Fiat 125P Polish Milicja (car made by modding Arman's Lada 2106) I have others but they are in the process of being redone and will be reposted later when done. So what you'all think? Neat eh? And a trip back in time LOL.
  3. Wasn't there a download of an event editor? I seem to recall a long time ago this site had a event editor up for download that was simple to use. I wish they'd put it back up.
  4. 48 downloads

    Beautiful 1976 Ford LTD from a free 3D models site..I don't recall the site though, Hey I got thousands of models from these sites and most have no READ.ME with them only a few pics they used as reference to build the vehicle and the blueprints of the build. When I got this I realized (due to the way it's made) It'd be perfect for you Emergency 3-4 modders..So here ya go . Enjoy. Update, This model was a game rip from Test Drive Offroad Wideopen for PS2. Credit goes to: Angle Studios (Game Developer) Infogrames (Publisher) Car came untextured and the wheels are joined to the body (as in the game it just sat around..never moved) I have textured it but it still has minor issues (Taillights ain't quite long enough on the sides,Wheels need textured and cut loose) as for that it's basically perfect for Emergency 3-4 as it's a shell with no insides what so ever. You might need to resize this, Since I was working on a NFS HighStakes version it might be too big from Emergency games.
  5. I see..That explains alot..When I saw that file and listened to it I thought it was used when dealing with the demonstrators crowded around the entrance of a building.
  6. I notice in both the U.S. and German versions of this game there is a file of police hollering on a bullhorn to the demonstrators..Yet in game play this never seems to happen, Is there a way to make the police holler at the crowds with a bullhorn? What key do I push? PS..Not sure if this goes here..If not a admin can move it.
  7. I get the error: A device attached to the system is not functioning.
  8. Ok after some rips from the DDR mod and M60 mod I found the models are decent enough for N.F.S. HighStakes you need to resize them to 200% in CarCad otherwise they look like diecast models in the game, After resizing them they work beautifully. Here you can see the VolksPolizei water cannon from the D.D.R. mod and the UAZ police van from the M60 mod:
  9. I called 2 cop cars out to a terrorist hunt so I'd say you can call as many as the dept. has as long as you have the money as it costs money to call local emergency services.
  10. Agreed..But it seems people either don't watch for new posts much or they are having so much fun playing with the game they can't tear them selves away to reply . Anyway I was wondering if the mod editor is only in the Deluxe Emergency 4 or if the regular one has it too? I just have the regular one installed, Don't have Deluxe. If it's a Deluxe only thing then that is why I and maybe others can't find it no where.
  11. I guess we should start a new one then.
  12. I tried this and it says that path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\WizardWorks\911 - First Responders\Em4.exe"-editor is NOT valid,I even tried removing the -..Same thing..Not Valid.
  13. The London mod was reported as broke..I downloaded it and it plays fine on my PC though.
  14. No I meant would the Emergency 4 mod vehicles work in NFS High Stakes..Or are those way too high poly to use in that game..I know the siren sounds work well in HighStakes so I'm hoping the models would too, I used one for my Bulgarian police car:
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