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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52rB0rWqvQ&t=2s
  2. https://discord.gg/5SmS4jg come join EESG Emergency 4 clan looking for new members. We are Recruiting for Fire , EMS , Police , Sheriff , and Dispatch. We have alot of commanding officers slots open as well that to be filled in all departments come and join the Eastern Emergency Services Group clan ! and make a difference and experience. good roleplaying for Emergency Services ! Requirements are 1. Must be 13 years of age to play 2. Must have Emergency 4 or 911 First Responders or have the game within two weeks of joining. https://store.steampowered.com/app/757210/EMERGENCY_4_Deluxe/ 3. Must be Mature and Respectful 4. Must Speak Fluent English 5. Must Pass Personality Test within a week of joining we have the link for the test. 6. Must not leak mods without permission and must be in clan to have mods 7. Must get Hamachi its a 100 percent free https://www.vpn.net/ 8. We also play games such as GTA V , Emergnyc, 911 operator , Flashing lights, Minecraft , Road Blocks and we will be working on a FiveM server for emergency services for GTA V 9. Must have a working Mic or mobile device for teamspeak such as Smartphone / cell phone or Tablet or Ipad or Ipod or a Working mic or head set for Discord or teamspeak. 10. teamspeak info is only for communication for games. eb397.teamspeak3.com
  3. Looking for some members to join my em4 clan. We have 10 memebers so far and looking for spots to fill. we have very rare em4 mods but must join the clan to have em. We are very fun group we are Eastern Emergency Services group. here is the discord server https://discord.gg/jt4xJG we have openings in fire , ems , police , sheriff and state police. Rules are 1. Must be atleast 13 years of age to play 2. Must be mature and respectful 3. Must pass PT test 4. if live in the USA and over 18 must pass state background check 5. must speak fluent english to play
  4. Hello Everyone , we are trying to be more active and get more members. Were a very friendly group and were working on are own mod members are needed. Also here is the teamspeak IP eb397.teamspeak3.com thanks
  5. Hi Everyone , We have a new clan for Emergency 4 / 911 First Responders. Its call Coastal Emergency Services Group. All the mods we use are public. We have plan to have a good structure with the chain command and positions with Fire , EMS , Police/ Law enforcement , Dispatch feel free to join are clan Rules 1. Must be 15 years of age 2. Must be mature 3. Must treat all with respect 4. No Bullying or Harrassment of any kind 5. Here have fun and be fair with each other 6. Can not be in certain Emergency 4 clan 7. Fluent with English here is the server to join eb397.teamspeak3.com
  6. Hello everyone , I was wondering how do I Unlock all LA mod units for a new mod so I can reskin them and add them into map such as Busthon , Mayberry Style map. Also were Do i get the files so I can unlock them ? Thank you Morgan
  7. Hello , Will Emergency 4/911 first responders work on windows 10 64 bit and/ or 32 bit ? thanks Morgan
  8. hello everyone, Sorry i dont think i expalin myself very clearly last post. I was wondering how to add reskin units after I make them into a map such as mods like the Bushton mod and etc. Im using models from Bushton and LA mod. I know how to reskin the all of those. thanks everyobdy !
  9. hello everybody , I was wondering I know how to reskin models for emergency 4 and 911 first responder's but how do we add the files of the Reskin files to a map on editor and how do we to make a separate map either using map such as La mod or regular map or the harbor city style map. I'm reskinning units i plan to to make a new mod ive already started with models and got a several done so far. I'm very new to this just to let everyone know. eventually i want to release my mod as long as i get permission. thanks everyone
  10. can somebody send me a download link to the boston mod please thanks ! Acutally Nevermind sorry I didnt read the post above my bad thanks !
  11. is it possible you can give me a step by step run down please ? it is very confusing for me thanks.
  12. hello Everybody ? Is there a way to put specific supervisors in for each mods. for example The LA supervisor for LA mod 2.1 and 3.1.5. Also the GTA supervisor for the NY 1.01 mod and the Brooklyn and Manhattan modifications ? thanks.
  13. Hello everybody, My looking for a Emergency 4 gameing clan that does all Fire,EMS, and police,. Im intrested joining I now have alot of free time on my hands now. I'm a volunteer at Earleigh heights volunteer fire company anne arundel county MD station 12. my training is Pre emergency response training Fire fighter 1 , Protective Envelope and Foam , CPR and AED, Hazmat awareness and Hazmat operations. NIMS 100 , 200 , 700 , and 800 and ride with my chief a lot on calls. I have alot of knowledge in the fire dept about incident command. I have been a volunteer for 10 years so far. I now have alot of free time and I have been playing emergency 4 for atleast 6 years. I have Emergency 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 and 911 first repsonders , Emergency 2012 and 2013 and Emergency 5. I'm also a member of the IFPA International Fire Photographers Association. On top of that I have a lot of knowledge of the Fire dept and Law enforcement. I have Teamspeak and Hamachi and a working Microphone for my pc any questions comments or concerns feel free to PM me Thanks Morgan
  14. How do you install step by step into emergency 4 ? Im having alot trouble installing it. Thanks Morgan
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