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  1. Where can i change the unit files? There not in the normal folder. I would like to change some units an the person spaces in side (like the fd cars all to 2 persons instead of 1 or some 4)
  2. Dear Hoppah, i love your LA mod and your modding skills (like some awsome scripting for the Netherland mod) my big question is: are you gone make a Emergency 5 version of the LA mod. I hope so
  3. Nice mod. Love playing it. Only is ther a file of some that shows the locations of every parking spot outside the stations? It hard to see now where is what number.
  4. Any change you have uploaded it already?
  5. Looking great man. Making rhe ELS your self? Love the option of multiple lightings. Is mode realistic, especialy here in the Netherlands where we special incedent lighting rules for onscene units
  6. Download in the download section is not working any more:( anyone how can help/upload it?
  7. Nice mod. Love playing it. Only missing a mini map in a seperate file with al the parking locations on it. Is this some where or is a way i can make my own from the minimap in the left corner?
  8. Im missing corona's on several vehicles. 1. the Humvee of the army with the blue light 2. the new Swat van. also i have a couple of em4 standard vehiles in the map
  9. the downoad link on the first page with V2 is not correct its downloading V1 mayby you can fix this?
  10. Thnx voor the headup of teh updated version. Only i have more ctd now. All of the happen with in the first 2 minutes of freeplay game
  11. looking great. Love the CPH Mod and can't wait for this one:)
  12. Hi love to play this great and wonderfull mod. only if i look to the website and there i see a small RIBboat for the FD. I can't findt it in the game is this correct?? Foundt a RIB boat on the police.
  13. i have problems. I have downloaded en installed the mod. After that i downloaded the hotfix and in stalled it in de mod file map. When i start the mod and start a game i see missing files en gets a CTD after about 40 sec How can i fix this?
  14. looking great haha. Would love to play this mod
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