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  1. Not much to report really. Haven't played or modded for a month or so. I'll boot it up and see if it's still playable..
  2. You tell me It's just because I haven't fitted the lights yet.
  3. They are usable of course with working return to fs/parking script. The ambulance crew will spawn and return to fs1 though.. For now I can't separate the spawn point for fs1 and my new ambulance central. Might try to fix this later.
  4. Police station "Legevakt" + Hospital "Legevakt" + Royal castle/whatever + Construction site "Rescue 57" + Bilia Volvo car dealership + Central station
  5. Of course, I'll post some more pictures tomorrow morning.
  6. Update part 1: Map modifications etc. part 2 comin' Sunday
  7. I would say it's ready for a private beta very soon. Hopefully within a month. Currently making paths and spawnpoints etc. Finished some more vehicles, including Kripos/Coroner, red cross ++. Most bugs have been fixed, still have a few path issues..If I decide for a private beta I will probably not have included new sounds, events or new portraits initially. Will post some pictures tomorrow.
  8. Make sure the "timer" is set waaaay over the recommended 30. I installed the same script a week ago, and find it much better with higher numbers. The neutral object is just an object you place somewhere on the map and via properties change its name to whatever the readme said, this name has to be the same as in the .script file if I remember correctly. The BMA alarm objects does not need any cmd's, just make sure it's renamed in properties like the readme says. Also remember to give the command to the fire chief/fighter/captain/whoever you want to be able to reset the alarm. (It was some german name for the command, it's in the readme I think) Let me know if you need any more help
  9. Sweet. Thanks for the help guys, I'll start on it tonight. Happy new year!
  10. Changing parking spot for 02 then... Do you know if the Ford 350 "R√łykdykker/Kjemikaliedykkerbil" #62 is still in use? The one from the pictures you sent me. You see, I have skinned it and use it as a hazmat squad parked at FS1. Would it be better to replace it with the MAN #24? Because of scripting etc. I can't use engine 92 as a hazmat without the game crashing on me, so I will need a designated hazmat at FS1. (Hope that was an understandable explanation)
  11. My more or less calculated guess ( ) would Be station 2, Smestad Fire Station
  12. Awesooome! I'm on it! The mod will not be released until I'm perfectly satisfied with the product. Things to do: Add doors and wheels to many vehicles (takes a lot of time) Minor map adjustments (Road signs etc) Add more events Blue lights on a few vehicles Unit.xml and specs editing Fix the paramedic stretcher Replace Heavy rescue crane with Tow truck 96 Currently I need: Two fire engines One foam tender replacement S&R vehicle Red cross vehicle MCU Three police patrol cars If you have a suggestion for a realistic vehicle I can use for one or more of these replacements, this is your chance! In other news, today I added the "BMA Script" and it's totally awesome, giving false fire alarms around the city. That's it for now, kthxbye
  13. Thanks The basket is there, just like the original, hard to see from that angle ;p
  14. This is what I've been up to lately. Happy holidays!
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