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  1. I like the shot with the lined up trucks and the chopper.
  2. BCAS in BC (obviously) I know the quality is bad because I took these pictures with a rather old cell phone. What I like about them is the snowy weather though.
  3. Ladder1 could still respond to rescue calls where they don't need the ladder of the vehicle, right?
  4. rescue_nerd

    Gandia mod

    Thank you for the link to the beta of your mod. I'm definitely gonna give it a try.
  5. Good job, thanks to everyone who contributed to it. This is one of the best mods in my opinion.
  6. It's nice to see such a mod because it gives new appeal to the 'old' LA-mod. Thank you for releasing your work. I'm downloading it at the moment (of course).
  7. Dude, you gotta be careful when you're throwing stones in a glass house. It's either called spell-check or spelling checker. As far as I'm concerned, you could use a dictionary. Yes. I actually don't mind the old model but that the tail light and the rest of the car don't match. You are welcome. This is our coming-out as car nerds though.
  8. This is a great mod. I have noticed a minor flaw though which doesn't bother anyone, except car nerds. The Dodge Charger of the fire chief is a 2005 to 2010 model but its tail lights are from a 2010 to 2015 model which is kind of weird.
  9. Yeah, right. The Wikipedia page says police Chargers are equipped with V6 and V8 depending on the agency.
  10. Nice catch! You know what I find weird though? The front seat windows are tinted, the back seat windows aren't. Shouldn't it be the exact opposite way?! Do you know which Chargers the police use? I assume they have SXTs.
  11. I love that latest model Dodge Charger from the Oakwood PD. Nice pictures, guys. Keep them coming!
  12. That's a very nice model of the s&r van. I think the name of the unit is kind of awkward. Underwater search and rescue diving unit? Isn't diving always underwater? It should have been named either search and rescue diving unit or underwater search and rescue unit in my opinion. I know that you took the name from the real van and you did not come up with it, I saw the picture you posted. What do you think about that?
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