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  1. Just want to leave a big thanks to all of you that have been keeping this mod alive up until a certain point. I don't think I will work on it again due to all the files that where lost and that the game has gotten so old. Me, myself haven't been playing this game for years, just bought it yesterday again just to play Norway Mod one more time. I had a blast playing it to. With that I also will give anyone that wants it, permission to rework this mod. As long as anyone deserving credit is given credit. Me included http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png I don't want to be completely forgotten, after all. It's my work that layed the foundation. But as said, if anyone wants to redo it. Add or whatever, units etc etc to it. Make the 2.0 version, you can. With regards, chrisblaalid
  2. not to be a prude or anything.. I think you should alter the logo text to match with the actual real life scenario... but hey, how should I know right? I'm just a player
  3. Just a little teaser of what would have been released... :/
  4. Hello people! First of all, I'm sorry I have been inactive the last months.. Work has just taken over my life, we all know how easy that is.. Secound, though this is beginning to be a really old game, I'm shure we who still plays it, LOVE the game.. Third.... There will be NO v.2.0 release the next months/years from me, this due to the lack of time and for one man with no time on his hands to re-do a mod of this size.. Is just not so easy.. However, I'm fiddeling with it when I get the chance.. Some minor changes, some big changes.. I have done so much changes that it have reached v.1.8.. But I do not know however if I can release it, due to lack of creditation.. I simply do not remember all to give credit to.. If someone who have the right backround with scripting and mod-editing, who wants to work on the mod, make the right creditslist, do the right scripting and so on.. Please do so, make v.2.0 become a reality! I only have one request, and that is that you who do it, don't forget who made it in the first place
  5. I tried to play the german version now... Turns out.. I would have been a suckass firefighter in germany :| When I get to the scene... I don't know what to do, cuz I can't find the fire xD
  6. Working on 1.5 now.. But it is not nearly done yet.. but hopefully before xmas.. And there will maybe be a 1.5 video
  7. Quick question.. I don't have the time to read through the post right now.. And it's been a while since my last visit.. But is there an english version out ?
  8. chrisblaalid

    Border Mod

    Sounds like a job for a scripter Specially thinking about freeplay based... Missions r alot easyer.. but still.. Don't get me wrong, good idea, something I would try.. BUT I don't think it will be done... Sorry
  9. Let me explain how it goes... I can bet my left nipple on that the 1.5 will NOT have the new map.. Easylly explained, the new map is the reason why it's called 2.0... It includes ALOT of scripting, and that shit is something I don't have time for right now However, the 1.5 will include all the new units and it's features And something extra special since you all love the mod so much
  10. Hello fans, haters, people who is reading this post for the first time etc etc.. I would like to take this time to write a few words to you all.. Even though my precense has been absent, a few guys in my team has kept this post running. And thank you guys for your patience.. Thank you to the fans for waiting Fuck you haters for hating ^^ but all comments are good comments.. And to you new guys, stay tuned.. Something good is going to happen.. LIKE I said some posts ago, this mod is not dead.. But v.2 is in a "coma" I just started pilot school, and that is taking alot of my time... Three years left, 16 books รก 600 pages each is killing me inside BUT I got some spear time now that Autumn is comming to Norway, shitty weather keeps me inside.. SO I PROMISE THIS! v.2 is not due in 2012.. BUT, I will make an 1.5 with the things I got done, have my people test it.. And realese it when it is done Wanna be a tester? Contact: Xandarb For any more questions, dont hesitate to ask PEACE!
  11. You have a point.. but STILL we can allways recieve bugs.. so we don't mess up with the same issue in the future
  12. No we don't so there is an oppertunity for work for you
  13. UPDATE!!! Well... I got some info... The last few days, I have not done a thing... why? my laptop went to hell...Now I got my self a stationary computer with a 47" "monitor"... (Yes it is my TV xD ) so I can start working again... Just need to install all the neccesary programs like PS, Zmod, Em4, Em4 D, Fraps etc etc... AND get all the backup files over to this computer... Wish me luck xD It is in the plans... unfortonary, for you the timelaps will be there, changing from day to night and night to day but the clubs are planned
  14. Ok... I just got a hold of a list containing ALL of the transportation types the Norwegian Police uses (only land and water, not Air) xD And this is a serious list! No joke.. Here is one of my favorites: This is a vehicle costumized for field officers... If they patrol on foot far away from the police station... just like a wagon to relax in xD (Yes it WILL be included in the mod... DRIVABLE maybe with some special features ) Here is the list.. It is a long list... So it have been spoilered..
  15. The Norway Mod thread has been updated a few times the last few days, fans of the mod should check it out.. And there is a present in there also for the fans :P

    1. Unit 42

      Unit 42

      It's the command vehicle!! Sorry, had to ruin the surprise lol

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