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  1. Couldn't that brush truck be used as a backup vehicle? Or retired from active use and now some POV has it as I personal vehicle. And in case of emergency they use it?
  2. Cars to show

    I did this purely for looking I have no intetion of making a new mod. Because of boredom and to show that you can still do good things in EM4 like the small rest of modding community. I will maybe do another cars in the future but I focus mainly on europe Chevrolet Suburban as a Sheriff supervisor credits go mainly to Itchboy (vehicle itself, and all lightning equipment) and to Bama1234 for led spotlight and setina push bumper
  3. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    Another thing is that many mods / modders are from Europe, so majority of mods are Euro themed
  4. This looks kinda interesting I think both of them are former military trucks, I am not that fan of US vehicles, but I would like to see some realy like DIY or homemade truck for the volunteer FD
  5. Oh wow the lightning is awesome, but man 200 coronas?? that is way to much, imagine a scene with three engines, some police cars and ems, and the game will break, when I am doing lights I always try to keep under 100 ... but it is just my opinion ... anyway you did an awesome job!
  6. seems like there are two potions of your problem. I donť know if it is packer or not (like to be instaled via mod instaler) or to be put in the mods folder: 1. (via mods instaler) ... try to launch it in administrator mode 2.(via putting it into mods file) .. when you unzip the file alway check the folder sometime it happens you unzip (let's say Random Mod) and it will unzip to folder Random Mod if you open that folder there is Random Mod (again) but this folder has subfolders like audio, textures, models etc .... so you need only the second Random Mod Imagine it like this after unzziping: Random Mod/random mod/Audio, Emmiters, Models, Units, Maps etc... but you need in your Mods folder: random mod/Audio, Emmiters, Models, Units, Maps etc... is it at leas understandable???
  7. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    Well I am speechless, those coronas are dope man!! Wish you would release them
  8. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    I have to disagree, I had the same problem as you I wanted to focus only to EMS and Police but the mod with only 7 vehicles when two of them does nothing for the game is unplayable, because of the events like drowning, events where there is chemical leak or someone trapped in the high ground floor so, you sholud do at least one vehicle of each that will replace the vanilla cars
  9. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    I know your lightiing is exceptional, I meant those officers Always loved your lighting. But in my opinion you could do a bit better with that personel, if you want send me your textures and I can do alpha reflections, and tweak those persons to look awesome
  10. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    We as Hradecko team are truthly sorry, here is our kindness POLIS officers
  11. First EMS vehicle done with personel as well Audi Q7 as Doctor's car with Doctor and EMS responding to food poisioning cretits: TimeyX (Audi Q7) profil2012 (Haztec lightbar) MadMonk (sputnik nano) Vojtula&16Tons (persons)
  12. Map Editor

    I belive it is hidden uder Shift+F2
  13. Hello I would like to show my work I did. It is fictional mod based from Czech Republic emergency services, with custom liveries and cars. First is Police MB GLK used as ARV vehicle. It is equiped with stuff officers would use to disarm active shooter. Also you can see Armed Police officers with tactical vests. credits: Stormi (MB GLK) profil2012 (Haztec lightbar) MadMonk (sputnik nano) Hennefer95 (BL88-E) Vojtula&16Tons (officers)
  14. Hradecko Mod (CZ) WIP

    Well sort of! We are working on newer version, that will be playable. But because of time I stopped posting here, also due to our school activities we are not able to work as much as we would like. But still check our FB https://www.facebook.com/hradecko.mod.emergency4/ there are some new for sure
  15. Showroom

    Doctors vehicle in (Randez Vous System) I played with alphas on this car Model: Wooder, Me, PottyScoty (Lightbar)