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  1. So I got a scanner, but ive also seen alot of stuff without it. I live next to a firestation, and before 1.1.2006 emt also responded from there. I basicly followed them to every fire within 2-3km radius of where i live, as long as they went with their sirens on. I've seen so many small and medium fires/car accidents im not gonna post any specifics on those. But I've got some interesting ones. A long time ago, I followed the sirens to a fatal car accident on the highway about 600m from my home. Some guy had changed his mind when he was pulling off the highway, and turned right in front of a car which was doing double his speed, they both ended up in the divider (which in norway is just a big sign that says "you wanna go on this side, or that side, but not right here"), and the driver who changed his mind died. While i was doing driving lessons, I encountered a firetruck who had hit a car that not only didnt react to the blairing sirens, but also ran a yield sign. A time i was out shopping, I started to hear sirens, being close to an intersection I didnt react at first, but I noticed the sirens didnt fade out, but rather stopped close by, so I went outside, and there were a firetruck, brigadier (used as first responder vehicle) and an ambulance in the parkinglot. Apparently a guy had been run over, and got stuck under the car. While I was there another ambulance, a police car, and the air ambulance arrived. The guy was in critical condition and lost A LOT of blood. There was an area about 2x3m covered in blood. Apparantly he survived though. As for a more personal one, while heading to the eastern parts of norway during the spring, we encountered some icy roads at a pretty high speed, while attempting to slow down, we notice i semi having the same problem, only hes going downhill, and isnt decelerating at all. Theres a cliff on one side of the road, and 1.5m of rock hard icy snow on the other. And the road isnt wide enough for the both of us. So we slow down to about 15-20kmt when we notice the car sliding to the middle of the road, so we decide to rather floor it into the barrier of snow at the side of the road. The semi finally stops about 20m behind us, but only after ripping every part that stuck more than 1mm from the side of our camper off. And if we'd been 2-3cm further out in the road, hed likely pulled off the side of the camper, and possibly my best friend along with it. Again, I've seen ALOT of small and medium fires around the 2-3km around my house while I grew up. 2 fairly big ones that wasnt so big after all. After I bought my scanner I've seen alot of big ones that turned out to be really big. 2 years ago I passed some guys standing at the sidewalk talking on a cellphone without thinking more about it. Then I smelled some smoke, and 15 seconds later the structure fire alarm sounded on the scanner, I figured the guys I passed was calling the fire dept, so I headed in their direction, and while i was exiting my car about 60m away the voice on the radio verified my assumption, it turned out to be one of the most devestating fires in my city, if measured in historic property. And if I hadnt had my scanner, I'd be home sleeping instead of getting a bunch of fairly good pictures.
  2. @The lift car thingy. Mythbusters did it with garden hoses, then showed that vid later in the show. I recall it was a collaberation between a local university and a fire engine / pump maker (i think it was rosenbauer). Its pretty old though, late 90's i think. Physics students at the university calculated aprox. how much pressure each hose would need to lift the car, though due to errors in calculations and weight measurement the firefighers had to grab the hoses in order to keep it stable.
  3. Medics in stuttgart also got one of those:
  4. Well, youve got LAPD Rescue 1 & 2 ingame, thats Rescue 3. Personally I think its pretty valid for being added. However, there are already 2 units in the game that serves the exact same purpose (but the Rescue 3 unit(s) appears to be newer). Btw, the doors on Rescue 2 (which is named Rescue 1 ingame) is hinged backwards http://mikesphotos.us/gallery2/v/Action/Ev...e2-011.jpg.html. I also came across this thread containing a bunch of inspiring LAPD SWAT pics http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=52284 Especially the 2. page features alot of heli pics with a dark blue Bell heli, from which the SWAT officers is fast-roping from, maybe that could be something for the mod?
  5. I cant speak on behalf of hoppah, but I would believe he wont be using his time on that script, when theres other people working on it, and theres other things to be done with the mod.
  6. If I recall correctly he said that it in its current form is to simple and buggy to be used.
  7. Im guessing Alameda, since they are the only one I know to have all-black cars (not white on roof).
  8. One of the very big benefits that comes with the leds is the VERY wide variety on flash patterns. Theyre more or less fully customizable, depending on the quality of the leds. If you want them blitzing like a strobe or slowly lighting like a halogen, its up to the user to decide. Its all very customizable, and you can even decide for each light-unit in the lightbar (i think the arjent has 16), and you can even choose the color of the light for each unit independent of the others, and when switched off they all look the same gray color (depending on the color of the lightbar itself). Anyway, hoppahs lights look like led. The thing with them though, is that the pattern isnt advanced in the way leds offer. But thats more a problem with the EM4 light engine than with Hoppahs skills. Then again, if you put in alot of work on the lights, anything is possible, with enough lights.
  9. Photoshop. Its easy, takes some time to do a whole car though, well at my skill level anyway. Dont ask how to unpack the .dds files though, dont ask how to open .dds files in photoshop either. Search for it instead. Anyway: Hoppah, theyre yours if you want them.
  10. I've edited that (and some other stuff) in for my personal mod, if youre interested in the texture, pm me. Also I've edited the texture of the slicktop to make it into a maroon undercover car without bullbars (similar to how the lapd detective cars look). You can have that too if you want.
  11. Eremal

    Air horn script

    Hmm. I dont really know alot about scripting in EM4, but seing how original EM4 sirens activates when an emergency vehicle approaches a car on the roads, would it be possible to have the siren automaticly change from wail to yelp/horn or from yelp to priority/horn when approaching other vehicles? Also, normal vehicles stop for the lights at the intersections, would it be possible to have the sirens change there too? If so, you would be able to create a very realistic siren-script.
  12. The steady burners is on ALL police vehicles. Lightbar or not. On the ones where there arent lightbars, theyve improvised.
  13. Also known as "Steady Burners". Its a feature, not a bug.
  14. It aint the place to write down ideas from on top of your head either. It says in the first post that youre suppose to do some research before stating your idea. If you had done some research, you'd notice that 1. The van is suggested before 2. There arent any LAPD vans and 3. Yet still MikeyPI has confirmed that its coming.
  15. Well.. You do realize he was referring to the rotating lights on like 80% of the units in the mod? Leds, as strobes, arent rotating.
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