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  1. Spartan MetroStar Cab

    Version 1.0.0


    Attached you will find a bare Spartan Metro Star cab, it's free for anyone to use as they see fit in their own mods, just please credit either CMCC626 or SOCOM552 (I'm both so either way is fine by me...). The file hasn't been scaled for use in game, it also doesn't have a light bar or mirrors, you'll have to come up with your own, this is just a cab file. I've included a basic all red cab skin, and a paint.net file that has the background template for those who are interested in such things. This was initially made for the Jackson County Fire Mod.
  2. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Right, plus you get a 107ft ladder with the new ascendant, or a 100ft platform.
  3. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Pierce Arrow XT chassis with 107 Ascendant body by me. Still working on cleaning up the skin a little bit. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_02/5a7e13a483039_pierceascendant.PNG.d8c9f8dc72eeb91ffebaecd4f4fee86f.PNG
  4. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    No problem, and for those who don't want to use discord I'll post the most current major update link here on the mod's front page, you will still need to visit discord for any hot fixes that are published as many of those files are small enough to be hosted via discord and don't end up going on Mega.
  5. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Itchboy, as I'm sure you know, the utilization of discord has nothing to do with an attempt at dodging credits. Any content creator who's works are featured in this mod were either contacted or multiple attempts to contact were made prior to their work being used (IE: in the case of people who don't check up on this site anymore). We're using discord because it allows us to interact with the community in real time and it is an easier platform to push out updates and bug fixes on, this is my opinion. Furthermore, community members are notified in real time when I post an update or a fix, and I can communicate with them via text or voice to help resolve any issues they are having. I've had much success sending out fixes as they are being reported by both my beta testers and those who are downloading the public release of the mod, I'm not saying it's impossible on a forum based site, but the discord platform makes it much easier. Also, this link should work for you. EmC-Unit, as far as this goes, Bama1234 is the 7th entry in my credits list, I wouldn't say that makes him particularly difficult to find. Look at the credits list of any public mod, it's going to look about the same as what I have, there are a lot of content creators out there and it is easier for me to ask to use their stuff (or use stuff that has been openly released) and credit them than it would be for me to remake everything, which leads me to... In regards to what Finn added, I have shared plenty of content on this site in the past, but again, with the pace that this mod is being developed and the number of bugs we've encountered with the scripts that are being used it is easier and more efficient for our development team to use discord. If you're opposed to discord I can be reached via private message and I'll give you the link personally, you wouldn't be the first person I've done that for. As a final though: 1. If any of the moderators on this site are concerned about credits or permissions because of a reasonable request made by a content creator or because of something they have found I'd appreciate that they send me a private message, I'm very willing to resolve things that come up. 2. If any content creators are concerned that their work is being used without permission please contact me or a site moderator via private message and I'll ensure that it gets resolved, I have 8 development team members working on this mod with me and sometimes things slip through the cracks. I think we can all be adults and respect each others work and the medium that we use to share with the community. If it helps the moderators I can post here or send you a private message when content is added to the mod that changes the permissions file.
  6. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Jackson County Fire & Rescue has a new Pierce Quantum Pumper (cab by me, see credits attribution in first post for other contributing authors). Check us out on discord. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_02/quantum.thumb.png.680d475d55411f79893651a4ea00983f.png
  7. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    First Public Release Happening Now! To access our public beta version join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/t2R5Dvp Discord will be the only place you can get official updates and links to the mod for the time being as it is much faster to post fixes via discord. This is a single player only release, multiplayer is still being developed.
  8. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Major Announcement! The Jackson County Fire mod will be going public sometime today or tomorrow! To access our public beta version join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/t2R5Dvp This will be the only place you can get official updates and links to the mod for the time being as it is much faster to post fixes via discord. Also, this is a single player only release, multiplayer is still being developed.
  9. Do you know when the mod can possibly be expected to be released?

  10. CMCC626's Model Repository

    The deepest bowels of the internet lol They probably have our credit card numbers there too... Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  11. CMCC626's Model Repository

    Are they being sold on sites that sell general 3d models or on sites catering to emergency 4? I will look at doing a low poly version of each. Thanks for the feedback! Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  12. CMCC626's Model Repository

    Here is a 72" Whelen Freedom light bar, it has 10 front modules and no rear modules. Freedom72.zip
  13. CMCC626's Model Repository Welcome! I'm starting this thread as a place to post some models that I have been making recently. The goal of this thread is to simply share some things as they don't do anyone any good sitting on my hard drive. So with that being the case, anything I post under this thread falls under a Creative Commons license; that means that some rights are reserved. So, you can distribute these models in any mod you create, simply credit CMCC626 in your read me, but you cannot sell these models for money (they probably aren't good enough for that anyways). If you feel the need to post them on another site, that's fine, just please credit me and leave the original readme in the archive file. Be sure to check back regularly or follow this thread for updates! First up is a Whelen Edge 9000 / Whelen Freedom Edge light bar, 18 inch length. Freedom18.zip
  14. E-One Quest Pumper

    Part Google or Bing image searches, part pulling off other trucks, and part applying material to where it should go. Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  15. E-One Quest Pumper

    Content Update: E-One Typhoon Cab Attached you will find an E-One Typhoon cab model. It doesn't have lights, mirrors or a body, and you'll have to skin it but hey, if you're looking in this thread you should know what you're doing... As always please make a note in your mod's read-me file crediting either SOCOM552 or CMCC626 (need to probably merge my accounts...) Enjoy! E One Typhoon.zip