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  1. Do you know when the mod can possibly be expected to be released?

  2. The deepest bowels of the internet lol They probably have our credit card numbers there too... Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  3. Are they being sold on sites that sell general 3d models or on sites catering to emergency 4? I will look at doing a low poly version of each. Thanks for the feedback! Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  4. Here is a 72" Whelen Freedom light bar, it has 10 front modules and no rear modules. Freedom72.zip
  5. CMCC626's Model Repository Welcome! I'm starting this thread as a place to post some models that I have been making recently. The goal of this thread is to simply share some things as they don't do anyone any good sitting on my hard drive. So with that being the case, anything I post under this thread falls under a Creative Commons license; that means that some rights are reserved. So, you can distribute these models in any mod you create, simply credit CMCC626 in your read me, but you cannot sell these models for money (they probably aren't good enough for that anyways). If you feel the need to post them on another site, that's fine, just please credit me and leave the original readme in the archive file. Be sure to check back regularly or follow this thread for updates! First up is a Whelen Edge 9000 / Whelen Freedom Edge light bar, 18 inch length. Freedom18.zip
  6. Part Google or Bing image searches, part pulling off other trucks, and part applying material to where it should go. Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  7. Content Update: E-One Typhoon Cab Attached you will find an E-One Typhoon cab model. It doesn't have lights, mirrors or a body, and you'll have to skin it but hey, if you're looking in this thread you should know what you're doing... As always please make a note in your mod's read-me file crediting either SOCOM552 or CMCC626 (need to probably merge my accounts...) Enjoy! E One Typhoon.zip
  8. For those who want to know how the skin is laid out I'll attach a very low quality version as a guide.
  9. E-One Quest Pumper by SOCOM552/CMCC626 Please include my name in your credits or read-me file if publicly released. Originally created for the Jackson County Fire Mod. Feel free to chop it up and turn it into whatever you want, just credit me if you upload a new variant. You'll have to add your own lighting, hoses and mirrors, I've also only included a template rather than a completed skin, it is a development resource after all! Enjoy! E One Quest.zip
  10. I pulled this straight out of Bieberfelde so 100% of the credit on this one goes to them, however if you put this script in your game and assign the command GenRD to a person, when you click the button a random EMS call happens. Essentially your game finds a random Ped and basically kills them... Again, I didn't come up with this, I just dug through what they had because I remember there being a menu where you could spawn all sorts of calls. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want anyone to publish this into their mod without permission/crediting at the very least. Pretty cool script though! object GenRD : CommandScript//Zufälliger RD einsatz { GenRD() { SetIcon("heal"); SetRestrictions(RESTRICT_SELFEXECUTE); } bool CheckTarget(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int linie) { return Caller->GetID()==Target->GetID(); } void PushActions(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int ChildID) { System::Log("GenRD"); if(Mission::GetCounter("Injured Persons")<11){ PersonList pl(ROLE_CIVILIAN); Person opfer; int oid=Math::rand()%(pl.GetNumPersons()*2/3); for(int i=0;i<pl.GetNumPersons()&&oid>-1;i++){ if(!pl.GetPerson(i)->IsDead()&&!pl.GetPerson(i)->IsInjured()&&pl.GetPerson(i)->IsInsideMap()){ if(oid==0){opfer=Person(pl.GetPerson(i));oid--; }else oid--; } } int id=-1; int zu=Math::rand()%6; switch(zu){ case 0: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT21"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_HEARTATTACK", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 1: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT17"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_FALL", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 2: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT19"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_CIRCULATORY_COLLAPSE", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 3: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT20"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_FOOD_POISONING", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 4: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT18"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_SHOCK", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 5: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT22"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_STROKE", opfer.GetPosition()); break; } char nam[10];snprintf(nam,10,"%i",id); Person on=Game::CreatePerson(opfer.GetPrototypeFileName(),nam); on.SetEnteredHouseID(opfer.GetEnteredHouseID()); on.SetPosition(opfer.GetPosition()); opfer.PushActionDeleteOwner(ACTION_NEWLIST); on.AssignCommand("GenRD"); on.Injure(INJUREREASON_UNKNOWN, false); on.SetLife(Math::rand()%900+100); on.SetInjuredLifeDrain(Math::rand()%4); } } };
  11. Hi all, I am essentially working with a modified version of the LA Battalion Chief script, and the problem that I am having is that the game spawns the vehicle and sends it to the command position, however the game is failing to spawn the crews and thus the vehicles are basically useless. The log file states: |Loading Model mod:Models\Vehicles\02MutualAidFire\Union City E113\E1.v3o |[VNUM=1.43] |Model contains 41258 vertices, 14510 polygons, 0 bones, 0 muscleanimframes |Loading Model mod:Models\Vehicles\02MutualAidFire\Union City E113\ENGINE1_door01.v3o |[VNUM=1.43] |Model contains 84 vertices, 28 polygons, 0 bones, 0 muscleanimframes ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: Where it says ?Prototype not found: should be the 4 firefighters that I want the game to spawn. On another note, when I dispatch a patrol car via the same method it spawns with a crew, and so do tech vehicles; though EMS is also failing to spawn with a crew. Any thoughts? I've included a code snippit below. Vehicle s; Person p21; Person p22; Person p23; Person p24; s = Game::CreateVehicle(OBJ_E113, UNNAMED); //Engine 113 p21 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF, UNNAMED); p22 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); p23 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); p24 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); s.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p21.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p22.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p23.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p24.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p21.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p22.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p23.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p24.SetUpgradeLevel(3); s.SetSpeed(10.0f); s.SetMaxPassengers(6); s.SetMaxTransports(0); s.AddPassenger(&p21); s.AddPassenger(&p22); s.AddPassenger(&p23); s.AddPassenger(&p24); s.SetPosition(Spawn); s.UpdatePlacement(); s.Hide(); s.PushActionTurnTo(ACTION_NEWLIST, Rotate); s.PushActionWait(ACTION_APPEND, 27.5f); Mission::PlayHint(HINT_UNIONCITYE113); s.PushActionShowHide(ACTION_APPEND, false); s.PushActionMove(ACTION_APPEND, CmdPos); if (Game::IsMission()) s.RemoveCommand("VcmdToFireStation"); if (!s.HasCommand(DUMMY_HASSIREN) && s.HasCommand(CMD_AUTOSIREN_OFF) && !Input::LShiftPressed() && !Input::RShiftPressed()) Game::ExecuteCommand(CMD_SIREN, &s, &s); } };
  12. Dive into the code on Bieberfelde or Winterberg, they set it up with custom mission that didn't look like they'd be too difficult to implement. But they aren't the deluxe missions. Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  13. CMCC626

    ARFF Mod

    You'd put the vehicles in the models folder of your mod, and with those (pretty sure I am thinking of the right files) you'd have to make your own protos & everything to use them. Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  14. Hoppahs engines from LA Mod can be made to look like E-Ones pretty easily Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
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