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      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
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  1. RTS Bieberfelde Mod

  2. I pulled this straight out of Bieberfelde so 100% of the credit on this one goes to them, however if you put this script in your game and assign the command GenRD to a person, when you click the button a random EMS call happens. Essentially your game finds a random Ped and basically kills them... Again, I didn't come up with this, I just dug through what they had because I remember there being a menu where you could spawn all sorts of calls. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want anyone to publish this into their mod without permission/crediting at the very least. Pretty cool script though! object GenRD : CommandScript//Zufälliger RD einsatz { GenRD() { SetIcon("heal"); SetRestrictions(RESTRICT_SELFEXECUTE); } bool CheckTarget(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int linie) { return Caller->GetID()==Target->GetID(); } void PushActions(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int ChildID) { System::Log("GenRD"); if(Mission::GetCounter("Injured Persons")<11){ PersonList pl(ROLE_CIVILIAN); Person opfer; int oid=Math::rand()%(pl.GetNumPersons()*2/3); for(int i=0;i<pl.GetNumPersons()&&oid>-1;i++){ if(!pl.GetPerson(i)->IsDead()&&!pl.GetPerson(i)->IsInjured()&&pl.GetPerson(i)->IsInsideMap()){ if(oid==0){opfer=Person(pl.GetPerson(i));oid--; }else oid--; } } int id=-1; int zu=Math::rand()%6; switch(zu){ case 0: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT21"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_HEARTATTACK", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 1: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT17"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_FALL", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 2: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT19"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_CIRCULATORY_COLLAPSE", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 3: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT20"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_FOOD_POISONING", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 4: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT18"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_SHOCK", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 5: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT22"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_STROKE", opfer.GetPosition()); break; } char nam[10];snprintf(nam,10,"%i",id); Person on=Game::CreatePerson(opfer.GetPrototypeFileName(),nam); on.SetEnteredHouseID(opfer.GetEnteredHouseID()); on.SetPosition(opfer.GetPosition()); opfer.PushActionDeleteOwner(ACTION_NEWLIST); on.AssignCommand("GenRD"); on.Injure(INJUREREASON_UNKNOWN, false); on.SetLife(Math::rand()%900+100); on.SetInjuredLifeDrain(Math::rand()%4); } } };
  3. Hi all, I am essentially working with a modified version of the LA Battalion Chief script, and the problem that I am having is that the game spawns the vehicle and sends it to the command position, however the game is failing to spawn the crews and thus the vehicles are basically useless. The log file states: |Loading Model mod:Models\Vehicles\02MutualAidFire\Union City E113\E1.v3o |[VNUM=1.43] |Model contains 41258 vertices, 14510 polygons, 0 bones, 0 muscleanimframes |Loading Model mod:Models\Vehicles\02MutualAidFire\Union City E113\ENGINE1_door01.v3o |[VNUM=1.43] |Model contains 84 vertices, 28 polygons, 0 bones, 0 muscleanimframes ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: Where it says ?Prototype not found: should be the 4 firefighters that I want the game to spawn. On another note, when I dispatch a patrol car via the same method it spawns with a crew, and so do tech vehicles; though EMS is also failing to spawn with a crew. Any thoughts? I've included a code snippit below. Vehicle s; Person p21; Person p22; Person p23; Person p24; s = Game::CreateVehicle(OBJ_E113, UNNAMED); //Engine 113 p21 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF, UNNAMED); p22 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); p23 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); p24 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); s.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p21.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p22.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p23.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p24.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p21.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p22.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p23.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p24.SetUpgradeLevel(3); s.SetSpeed(10.0f); s.SetMaxPassengers(6); s.SetMaxTransports(0); s.AddPassenger(&p21); s.AddPassenger(&p22); s.AddPassenger(&p23); s.AddPassenger(&p24); s.SetPosition(Spawn); s.UpdatePlacement(); s.Hide(); s.PushActionTurnTo(ACTION_NEWLIST, Rotate); s.PushActionWait(ACTION_APPEND, 27.5f); Mission::PlayHint(HINT_UNIONCITYE113); s.PushActionShowHide(ACTION_APPEND, false); s.PushActionMove(ACTION_APPEND, CmdPos); if (Game::IsMission()) s.RemoveCommand("VcmdToFireStation"); if (!s.HasCommand(DUMMY_HASSIREN) && s.HasCommand(CMD_AUTOSIREN_OFF) && !Input::LShiftPressed() && !Input::RShiftPressed()) Game::ExecuteCommand(CMD_SIREN, &s, &s); } };
  4. Dive into the code on Bieberfelde or Winterberg, they set it up with custom mission that didn't look like they'd be too difficult to implement. But they aren't the deluxe missions. Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  5. ARFF Mod

    You'd put the vehicles in the models folder of your mod, and with those (pretty sure I am thinking of the right files) you'd have to make your own protos & everything to use them. Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  6. E-One cabs or trucks

    Hoppahs engines from LA Mod can be made to look like E-Ones pretty easily Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  7. ARFF Mod

    Which ARFF vehicle mod? Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  8. The skin file on the L31 has a box which is labeled Haube, change that to what ever color you want the light to be, you'll want a little bit of transparency for it to look right. To make the L32 I just scaled the Z axis only to essentially squish the L31.
  9. The rear beacons on the ladder trucks are Whelen L31's (LED Beacons). There is also a green L32 on top of the light bar of Battalion 10 that flashes as a secondary light to indicate that the vehicle is functioning as the command post. The L31 was made by Niederwallufer and modified by me for scale & color/texturing; the L32 is a derivative of Niederwallufer's L31.
  10. Other Maps? This lists the maps that are distributed with the mod, you can change the map you play on with the configurator. To download the mod just fetch the mod file on this forum, unpack it into your mods, then download the updater from this page and point it at the mod file you unpacked, it should download the mod current version of the mod (assuming it still works). Then you can down the configurator and run that to change any settings you want (point it to your game directory and it will find the mod). You can also download the FMS tool and point it to your log file and put it on a second screen if you have one to see a live feed of what each units status is. There are pretty good guides on youtube as to how things work and how to get it up and running.
  11. Today's Progress update: Coroners are back in the game! They can be called via the dispatcher. Currently just a re-skinned LA Mod coroner van. Future versions will have a new van. Public works and tow trucks are also now called via the dispatcher. Tow truck calling has back end functionality implemented to allow for up to 5 'random' tow trucks to be called to support future liveries A bug was reported in which M511 was called from off map when already on the map, this has been resolved. A few map edits were made: The EMS chief now parks at the hospital (reduces time for EMS response on the north side of the map) Some back end changes were made to pave the way towards posting up to 2 ambulances at the hospital Some back end changes were made to pave the way towards posting the PD supervisors in their response area Vehicles that spawn on the map are now correctly named (thus they spawn with their lights off) An update should go out tonight to beta testers with these changes and maybe a few more depending on what I can get done in the next few hours. I'm looking for some inspirations for mutual aid agencies (police, fire & EMS), feel free to link some units with interesting skins and what you think the department should be named (trying to keep things fairly fictional).
  12. August 20th Update: A script fix just went out to the beta testers, this should resolve ~90% of the issues most of you were experiencing with the dispatch functions. Test it out and let me know what you think! A basic rundown of the new dispatch scripting is as follows: The dispatcher and the fire chief have a dispatch menu (alarm bell icon) which allows them to request a fire engine, a ladder truck, a patrol car or an ambulance. The EMS chief and police officers can call for ambulances and patrol cars, but not fire apparatus. The fire engine and ladder truck script currently only dispatch off map resources (E9 thru E1 and L2 thru L1 in descending order). Fire units have individual tones. L5 is not dispatched because it is currently not working (next hot fix). EMS units are dispatched in ascending order M511 thru M541, EMS units are not always available (this is a feature I plan to add to the fire and police units) Currently only certain police units are dispatched via script, but all can be accessed via the deployment menu and once they are on the map they can be dispatched via script if they are patrolling or if they are in standby mode. All units dispatched via script respond with a random delay set between 7 and 30 seconds, rather than instantly appearing like with the games deployment menu. Once a unit is on the map the script will not send a duplicate of that unit The next hot-fix will address: Ladder 5 crashing the game Engine 5 probably crashing the game in the version that was sent to beta testers Missing or incorrect unit icons & unit name strings Any bugs created by the current hot-fix The next major update should push the mod to version 0.4 and will include the following: Add script functionality to allow police officers to call for tow trucks Remove tow trucks from the deployment menu Add script functionality to allow police officers to call for a public works truck Remove the public works truck from the deployment menu Add script functionality to allow the fire chief and dispatcher to call for cranes Remove the crane from the deployment menu Add variety to EMS units new cabs new liveries remove the EMS units from the deployment menu Add variety to fire engines & ladders new cabs Remove fire units from the deployment menu Consider adding mutual aid agencies with new liveries to the fire roster Implement the Tenders (script call with random delay) Add an ARFF truck (script call only with a long delay) Add brush trucks (script call with random delay) Add a rescue truck (script call with random delay) Add Chief 1 and Chief 5 (script to respond with E1 and E5, respectively) Add police supervisors Add script functionality to "Call SWAT" Add script functionality to "Call AIR1" Remove police units from the deployment menu Fix the fire training center (SW corner of the map) Consider second map option ('freeplay' on one map, 'challenge' on another map) this may be pushed to version 0.5 Consider public release timing If anyone has an suggestions post them here or send me a PM. If anyone wants to contribute to the mod send me a PM. For those who are testing the mod I am going to try to go to SVN hosting by next weekend but it depends on my work schedule, this will eliminate the need for you to download and patch the mod, rather it would be done automatically.
  13. Vehicle Help

    What mod and what vehicles? Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk
  14. EM 4 - Iowa USA mod

    Zmodeler is the program used to bring 3D models into the emergency 4 environment, it's not very user friendly in my opinion (at least not compared to other 3D modeling programs out there). It's also the program of choice to UV map a skin file onto a 3D model, again, not very fun or user friendly. So unless you want a generic reskin of a mod you have to use Zmodeler and you have to be decently well versed in how to use it.
  15. Other Maps?

    There are a good number of other maps out there, but they would be a pain to plug into any mods beside the ones they were designed for. Try out the newest version of Winterberg and launch it with the configurator as it will allow you to pick from a handful of maps. Sent from my E6830 using Tapatalk