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  1. Admins Please Close The Topic Please , Ive lost all modification content!! @itchboy
  2. They are both the same They gonna be in the same state troopers places but with MCCD skin for vehicle and officer, gonna leak more in 4-5 days
  3. Mod News : All GSP Units Are Done Only Lights remaining to be done Next Up Gwinnett county Sheriff's Police And Bomb Squad Truck Today I'm Taking A Pause from working on the mod See You Tomorrow:-):-);-)
  4. Motor Carrier Compliance Division Dodge Charger Model: @itchboy Lightbar: @itchboy Pushbar:By Me Skin:By Me
  5. Motor Carrier Compliance Division Chevrolet Tahoe Model: @Yankee43 @itchboy Lightbar: @itchboy Pushbar:By Me Skin:By Me
  6. Ok thanks mate for let me know Gonna edit the credits
  7. GSP 2020 TAHOE NightHawks Model:Itchboy,Yankee43 Lightbar:Itchboy Pushbumper;By Me Skin:By Me http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_08/614773996_GSP2020TAHOEBACK.PNG.1870109748613608c3b4627d0cee864e.PNG http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_08/1369515074_GSP2020TAHOE.PNG.3040d8dcd6ccb0c761002c14abc5bf72.PNG
  8. GSP 2020 FPIU Model:Itchboy ALPR Tag Reader:Bama1234 Lightbar:Itchboy Pushbumper;By Me Skin:By Me
  9. That's what I wanna do after launching the first beta Posting some screenshots later today
  10. SubMod of West Falls Modification(Got Permission) ,Sub mod is based on Gwinnett County Georgia Departments: Georgia State Patrol Gwinnett County Sheriff Office Gwinnett County Police Department Gwinnett Coutny Fire Deparment Lilburn Police Department AND OTHER DEPARTMENTS More info coming soon
  11. Mate you are triggered on this stuff Calm Down ive gonna credit all Owners
  12. Texas Highway Patrol And Fort Worth Police Vehicles Credits to the model owners Ford Explorer @itchboy Ford Taurus @itchboy Dodge Charger @itchboy http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_03/1276510435_Em42020-03-0707-38-26-949.thumb.jpg.b855a9b42412843c7503a3d381c8a024.jpg
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