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  1. Why are you trying to throw shade at another developer for not showing you free pictures for their free content on a free website? Seems kind of bratty to me, perhaps you should just make your own mod?
  2. I would also be willing to contribute textures, etc to the mod if I could help in anyway.
  3. Love that explorer, the pushbar is great!
  4. I really love the attention to detail you give to the models Goog. Love how you darkened out the back windows on all the SUVs for added realism. Can't wait to play this great work!
  5. Thanks guys! Here's a few updates. Full fleet of Haverford PD units. Medical examiner and helicopter, fire chiefs, and MICU 108A in front of substation. Chevy Tahoe: Terrow & Itchboy Ford Explorer: Itchboy Crown Vic: Nnico Dodge Durango: Itchboy Chevy Silverado: Itchboy F550 Ambulance: Itchboy & SlateDragon1 EC-135 Helicopter: Wittener & Iglheaz Ford Expedition: Itchboy Whelen Liberty: Vojtula FS Integrity: Vojtula Rx2700: Itchboy ALPR & Spotlights: Bama1234 Vision SLR: Manhattan Mod Team Ions/Mounted Lights; Itchboy
  6. Finished up the detective division's 2019 Durango and 2016 Explorer and admin's 2018 Tahoe. Models belong to Itchboy. Spotlight by bama1234.
  7. Thank you! At this point I feel a good majority of the vehicles and personnel are complete. My focus right now is working on the map and then eventually throwing all the units in game. Here's a few updates I've made to the map! https://imgur.com/a/km7n4yp
  8. Skins are lookin good what else are you planning as far as EMS units?
  9. That’s not really an excuse honestly. All the modifications you’re using have credit documents stating who made which models...
  10. Made some progress on a new hospital model today.
  11. The county emergency service units. Lenco Bearcat - itchboy F350 Models - itchboy F350 Rear Box & Bumper - Rafaelmfernandez
  12. New updates. 2012 Ford Expedition Chief and Deputy Chief vehicles. 2020 Ford Explorer Physician Responder unit. Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer credits to Itchboy. Base ped textures created by Dyson.
  13. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Just made a new update: 2016 Ford Transit Ambulance BLS transport unit, for all your 3 am toe pain calls! Model credits belong to itchboy once again.
  14. Hello everyone! I wanted to share some of the progress I have made on a modification I have been working on for the past few months on and off. The modification and map are centered around Haverford Township, PA however I wanted to put a strong emphasis on mutual aid. The township consists of 5 fire departments, over 70 police officers, and 2 ALS ambulances. I plan to include the following units in the modification. Police Haverford Township Police Upper Darby Township Police Radnor Township Police Marple Township Police County SWAT and Bomb Squad Fire Brookline Fire Co. Manoa Fire Co. Oakmont Fire Co. Llanerch Fire Co. Bon Air Fire Co. Upper Darby Fire Dept. Broomall Fire Co. (For RIT and Traffic Police) EMS Narberth Ambulance Marple Township Ambulance (For BLS and Rehab) Radnor Fire Co. Ambulance The modification will feature a brand new map with several new buildings. I've attached some photos of current progress! Credits belong to Itchboy for police and EMS units, fire apparatus belong to SlateDragon1. Fire chief vehicles belong to Itchboy.
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