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  1. Hi guys! I absolutely love this modification. Sadly, I am not able to enjoy it as much I would like as I always get a CTD after about 10 minutes of playing. The crash occurs when I click on the callout menu and then on the position on the map where I want the vehicles to go. It does not happen everytime I use the callout menu but after roughly 10 minutes of playing it is guaranteed to have happened. I have uploaded my em4 log file as it might help someone figure out what is causing this crash. Any help is appriciated! logfile.txt
  2. Hey guys, I am not entirely sure this is the right place to post this but I hope the best of it. I love em4 freeplay but I like to take all the time I need for each callout. I do not like to rush things such as when somewhere in the city a building catches fire or something while I am trying to solve a hostage situation. I loved the system in the US Army mod where you can only get a new callout when the old one iscompleted and all you units areback at HQ. Now, I am wondering if there is a way in applying this to other mods in em4. Thanks!
  3. It's working now but it's very laggy. Looks cool though.
  4. Hey man I downloaded the mod but when I try to install it it says that the mod is corrupted. Please help?
  5. Wow I didn't know it would take this much effort. But thanks for the reactions and I will look into the tutorial
  6. So there is this mod and I love the units in the mod but I don't like the mod itself (it crashes a lot and I don't like the gameplay). So my question is: can I transfer the units (cars and crew) to another mod or to the normal game so I can play with the units without having to play the mod. Note: I am not a modder or something, just a player. Thanks!
  7. It would be great if the beta would be playable again. I saw some youtube videos and it looked quit nice.
  8. Okay I understand. It's just that this mod seems really nice and I was checking this forum every two days or so to see if it was released yet. Since it wasn't, I couldn't help myself asking. Curiosity my friend! And yes, it was worth the try (and the suspension)...
  9. Please don't tell me this mod is dead!
  10. really nice work! But there's one thing that I don't like about the mod: the fire! There's fire everywhere! Any burning cigarette causes a disaster! For the rest of it: great work! I love the police units. But I'd like to see some less fire calls and more police/EMS calls
  11. So I know that you guys freak out when somebody askes about releasedates. But I am kind of curious because this mod looks so good that I need to know something! So could you maybe tell if it's gonna be weeks, months or years when this mod will be released. Thank you and I'm sorry for asking;) (If you wanna give me a citation for this, go ahead. I know it's not alowed)
  12. 112119

    Italian mod [Merged]

    Looks great! I like the idea of an Italian mod very much. Just a question: Are you gonna add the polizia municipal (town police)?
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